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So I have a boyfriend and things were going good, now things are falling apart slowly, we barely talk and don't see each other anymore. I went out last night and got drunk and slept with another guy; a friend. On another friends bed. I knew it was wrong but I couldn't help it he had the softest lips. I know that's bad but that's not the worst thing, for sone reason I don't feel incredibly guilty. I feel bad because I know I shouldn't have dOne it in the first place but I don't really regret it at all. No one other than me and him know, and he doesn't know my boyfriend so there's no way for it to get back to him. But I'm not really worried.

Does my lack of remorse mean that I have lost most of the flame from my relationship, I think i still love him..

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  • It was your decision to start drinking in the first place, so don't blame it on getting drunk. That is never a valid excuse. You have two choices now:

    Tell your boyfriend that you cheated and you wanted to be open and honest about it, because he at least deserves to hear the truth. You might be able to work it out with some time and understanding. If you two can't work it out, you could always go back to having drunken s** with your friend, right?


    Continue to deceive your boyfriend, and whine to your f*** buddy about all your boyfriend's problems. I'm sure your friend will want you more after you dump your baggage in his lap. Not.

    My ex tried that stunt and it didn't work, I found out within two weeks. It didn't matter that she was 55 miles away, my friend spotted her with the guy she was sleeping with. I waited for her to come clean (because she claimed to be the no-bullshit type), but she never did. It was a pity, because I loved her so much that I was willing to give her some time, distance, whatever her heart needed. But in the end, she never came clean, I never confronted her, and we became more distant until we grew apart finally. I keep kicking myself for not revealing that I knew about her transgressions...don't follow in my footsteps. Tell your boyfriend. If you have an iota of concern for your relationship, then let the truth be heard. I found out the hard way: In a good relationship, there is no room for deceit!

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