Your a moron if you think that 2012 is actualy gonna happen. over time there has been almost 100 doomsday theories that all failed this ones no different. all thats gonna happen on 2012 is some riots and some violent rapes by desperate virgins. all im gonna do is go loot the best buy with my brother and go home and watch all the stupidity of other people on the news. its not gonna happen people wake up. and if your a religous person you should know that when god destroys the earth we wont know its coming.

Dec 26, 2011

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  • 2012 already happened. It's 2018 now.

  • 2020. And holy $hit, wtf is happening...

  • I'm reading this post 7 years later and can say with confidence that everyone who freaked out about the end of 2012 was an idiot. Not that that stopped them, they just made up another "end of days" date, then quickly made up yet another one when that date came and went without incident. And so on... and so on...

  • and you die first....

  • 2012 IS REAL!!!!! It's the year between 2011 and 2013 :3

  • I am NOT a religious person and I say, dont you believe lt. If there was a god, who could destroy the world, what on earth for. For using the apparutus that he gave us for just that purpose. It does not make sense, I feel that if there is a god, he would think again about destroying the earth for something that HE himself started in the first place. Paul

  • No, No, No, if God existed he would not think again. That would mean he was wrong and not perfect.

  • i am a religious person AND EVEN I SAY AMEN TO THAT

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