Uselessly jealous

I thought I was pretty much over him, until a new girl in our group started flirting with him at my party last week.
I know it's stupd to be jealous of this situation, as she is only 16 and he's 20, and he gave no hint of reciprication, and he's not the sort to be ok going out with a 16 year old, but still, i could barely suppress the urge to leap over the couch and throttle her for leaning on him and snuggling up to him.
And now I'm wishing i had a girlfriend close enough who could be horrible with me and make a plot so she doesn't come to the next gathering (such as organising to pick her up, then "forgetting" so she has no way to get to the party).
I'm a horrible and jealous person, and i can still only think that i wish i could still flirt with him and snuggle up to him and that she would p*** off.

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  • Stupid little girl plotting and jealousy every time you turn around

    And women aren't much better

    Petty little idiots

  • Jello head.

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