Is a house really a home when your loved ones are gone?

My dad drives me crazy. my mom and my dad fight very often. i believe that's their hobby. my mom is a very jealous person, thats why they fight so much. and my dad used to cheat on her.. its hard to face this alone. im 14 years old my brother's 19. we're a family. we love each other. we support each other. but we dont trust each other. my life's good. i have everything i need and even though we are not wealthy or rich, we live like if we were.
my family has been through many economic problems.. thats why my parents fight as well. my best friend and i arent best friends anymore.. i barely talk to anyone now.. i love my guy-best friend and he loves me back but im afraid of telling my parents cus i might get in trouble. we're not dating though.
i know this aint a confession but i needed to tell someone.. or at least let it all out. im afraid of being me because i dont think that they'd understand.
my parents fight over the stupidest things.. and it hurts me as well.
whenever me and my dad fight he yells at me but crazy stuff. things that hurt me A LOT. thats why whenever i see myself in a mirror, i try to look away. im full of shame inside my head.
i wish i could find a way to disappear and even tho i know there's people in worse situations, and that compared to many people i have a PERFECT life, i feel there's something missing. and that something is trust.
i need someone. i tried to rely on God but maybe he's spoiled i know. but i just need someone to trust me and be trusted back.
thats all i need.


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  • You will all ways know its me when there's a smile face at the end:-)

  • If you need some one to talk to and you can trust im only a few years younger and you can talk to me mon thru Friday.ten thirty to twelve im here for you

  • God is never too busy. No one has a perfect life, it's all an illusion. If you want trust you have to open yourself, and that is hard.
    I don't think trust is going to be able to fix all that you feel need fixing.

  • what should i do then:/?

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