I'm disgusted with myself

I made out with a guy last night that I've only hung out with twice. We were sleeping in the same bed together and so we started to make out. He fondled me a little and eventually took off my bra so I was lying in the bed completely topless. I was super uncomfortable so I tried to hide myself under the blanket. He pulled the blanket away and told me it was ok. This statement just made me even more uncomfortable. I'm pretty sure he expected me to give him a hand job or a b******* but I was so uncomfortable in the situation that I couldn't bring myself to do it. I feel like I was used and violated, but I also didn't stop it. I'm just so grossed out with myself right now.

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  • Ignore the a****** who just called you a s***.
    It's the guy's fault not yours.
    It's not "okay" if you were uncomfortable.

  • Congratulations...you are officially a s***.

  • A bad spot. Sadly most women (about 80%) are raped by someone they know. The fact that you kinda knew this guy probably made him think it was ok. A tough spot. No body here can tell you what you should have done, because we weren't there. Like the other person said, learn from it, and quit bumming about it. THe big majoiryt of guys will respect it if you till them NO (I always did) They might be put off, and gripe about it but the will stop& leave you alone. DOn't EVER feel bad about telling some to stop (But for CRAP-sake)do it early on don't wait til some of your clothers are off.

  • I wouldnt feel so bad, you were uncomfortable and you stopped it before he put his d*** anywhere near your mouth, hand or p****. You were obviously uninterested but he thought otherwise. You took control and stopped where it needed to stop. I wouldnt stress over him groping your tities sweetheart. No harm no foul. next time you will have more confidence because of this incident, you have grown in a positive way and excercised your girl power. Never be afraid to do that, no matter who the guy is. If you dont want to do anything, then dont.

  • It's hard to control your emotions sometimes, and that can make you do things you regret later. making mistakes is a part of life.
    instead of hating yourself, try to look at what happened objectively, and learn from it.
    hating yourself helps noone.

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