So lost

One of my best friends told me she liked me. I told her straight up that i didn't feel the same way. - The problem was I'm a girl as well. 6 months later she tells me she's in love with me. Im not lesbian or bi but I had already lost her once i don't want to lose her again as a friend. A part of me likes her back in more then a friendship way but i also feel so confused. My parents wouldn't approve of it at all. I don't want to hurt her anymore. she has a boyfriend as well and they have been dating for a year. Im so lost.! i swear she's messing with my head

Dec 29, 2011

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  • Who really sends all those"GO SUCK A BIG D***!"and"GO SAMPLE A D*** W****!" there really not nice

  • Honestly in my opinion, I think she wants you as a thing on the side, its not wrong to have feelings for another woman however if your into guys then its stil alright to have some feelings for her. I think its wonderful that your worried about your friends relationship because you care for her so much.

  • I had the same problem when I was in high school. We got together for a while, as a thing, but it didn't work out so don't do it. It gets to be too much when you can't tell anyone.

  • thanks that helps heaps.

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