I am in love with my dad

I've always had kind of a strained relationship with my dad. In the last year or so, we have become reacquainted and I've developed a sort of crush on him. Today I went to see him and I hugged him quite a bit and kissed him on the cheek several times. Later, my sister was taking some pictures of us together and I had my arm around him and I looked at him and he suddenly just kissed me on the lips.

I really loved it, and she got a picture of it on my phone. I keep looking at it--it all happened so fast. Now I keep thinking how much I want to go see him again. I want to snuggle with him while we watch a movie and I want sooooo much to sleep with him. Not really sexually, but just to snuggle with him in bed and go to sleep in each others arms.

I don't really feel perverted about this at all. It seems very natural to me.

I don't really identify myself as gay, but I do have a couple of relationships with guys that are very physically intimate and have occasionally crossed the line into being sexual.

I would really like for my dad to become a regular snuggle buddy. <3

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  • I am 12 & what is this?

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