2 of the 3 males I've dated are

2 of the 3 males I've dated are married. And I'm only 18. And I'm still dating the 3rd one.

I loved you.
I never told you.
We didn't really end bitterly. It's more like we slowly died out.
I miss you terribly. I still dream about you and we are amazing friends in those dreams.
You are married and I hate that you aren't mine.
You will be a father soon. I wish you luck in all you do,
and D.B., just so you know, I will always love you. No matter what.

I told you I loved you.
I didn't love you.
But I didn't hate you.
It was her I hated. For catching your attention and keeping it, which was something I obviously couldn't do. I hated her for allowing you to cheat. I hated her for coming into your life. I hated her for being your "friend."
I hated you for all the lies. You swore nothing happened. But apparently you weren't just visiting a sick co-worker. And then the 6am night. Thanks for being an ass and sleeping around. Or whatever happened. I appriciate that.
Was I not pretty or smart or fun enough for you?
Well let me tell you something, I realized that I just wasn't easy enough for you. And I'm totally okay with that.
Hope the marriage works out. And I hope you always remember what an ass you were and what you got rid of. Because you will never have anything like that again.

You never call.
I always do.
But I quit.
Calling and caring.
I wish to end as friends, but I doubt that happens. I hate that you are living with your brother.
I also hate that you don't care enough about me to call. Ever.
So here it goes...I found someone new.
And that someone is A-Town, where I am moving later this month.
Enjoy it here. Without me.

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  • Stop f****** other women's husbands you s***! Karma b****!

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