Difficult choices

I must start by saying that I am bisexual. If you have a problem with that then stop reading, I don't wanna hear any more insults. I am in high school and have been dating my boyfriend for about a year and 4 months. the first 4 months of our relationship we weren't really together... There weren't much feelings and I was still hanging out with my ex girlfriend. She was getting ready to move away so I tried to spend as much time with her as possible. My boyfriend is in college now. It really sucks when he's away, and I am constantly doubting our relationship or just wallowing around depressed. One of my best friends has been there to back me up though. she keeps me going when I am weak and keeps me smiling when I'm sad. We've known each other a lot longer than I've known my boyfriend and we are both bisexual. We've talked about dating before when my bf and I were on a break... We decided that it would be worth it because our friendship could withstand even through a breakup. I don't know what to do. She is my ideal partner at this moment, but I don't think I can take another break up, it would be like I was just throwing away this past year... I need help. please?

Jan 10, 2012

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  • PLEASE!!! You are in High School and still eaten up with the DUMB ASS! You have not experienced enough life to even know what the h*** you are, let along be running this kind of drama correctly. Look, I know at 16 or 17 or even at 21 you might think you know everything there is to know..... but take it from somebody who has already walked that path.... YOU don't know S***! Try this.... LOOSE most of your ego.... believe me in a couple of years the ADULTS you encountry are going to have a field day beating it out of you emotionally. Better that you loose it now yourself. Lost less painful that way.

    Once you have amputated all the ego you think you have you can start learning to be a mature adult. Oh, you'll STILL have a lot of ego to be crushed... and there will be some very adept experts in your life at finding it and making you realize just how egotistical you really are.

    What you need to start realizing is this: 1- You are NOT the center of the universe... regardless what your self esteem coach in grade school told you... and 2- drama is NOT tolerated by adults in a real world.... carry it out of the High School doors with you and you are in for some very harsh reality!

  • Simpel which do u prefer c*** r c***

  • Maybe you're the one that needs to go back to school? Your spelling is horrible. Egotistic? You don't know me or anything about me, other than this small part of life that I've decided to share. Nothing here gives off an "I'm the center of the universe." attitude. You are stereotyping me as an average drama filled teenage girl... I don't respect that, or anything else you responded. If you want to insult me just back off, I only asked for help. Obviously everyone on here telling a true story has something they want to get off their chests, they want to feel better. It's not your job to put them down. I've had enough of drama filled adults to put up with, and I believe you are another. hypocrite.

  • Stay with bf and f*** her on the side then u have it all do u shave ur p**** daily

  • You might just be looking for someone else because your current boyfriend can't always be there when you need him. You have to figure out if you still truly want to be with your boyfriend. Think, what if you were single? Would you still feel this way about your female friend? Or do you just feel this way because she's there to talk to? I hope it works out for you, sounds like a complicated situation.

  • Its not talking i want she gives me super head

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