I enjoy what I do...

I LOVE giving blow jobs!!
When i blow, i look up him and watch his face full of pleasure and feel him squirm underneath me. I've been told i'm amazing, but i don't really care, i just love to give them! if i could, i'd do it all day and all night.

I don't care if people call me a s***, i just find it... amazing!!
i love feeling dominant and teasing the guy to the point of him about to rape me.
I'm the ultimate tease with a few actual blows and when they start getting into it, I go back to teasing with a cheeky smile on my face and doing what i do, almost brings them to tears with the feeling of "i need to be blown!"

:) as the title says, i enjoy what i do :D

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  • I LOVE sucking a nice, hard smooth c*** any time and am damn good at it too,I am told. Nice and straight and hairless c*** and b**** is what I like and I will work my MAGIC til he can not take it anymore and c*** for me over and over. Mmmmmmmmhmmmm, that is a craft all h**** Mistresses like me should aspire to....and so it better than they ever have it done before. That is what keeps them on a short leash that they come back for more.

  • OH! i forgot to meantion... i have a boyfriend

  • Then go find your pathetic pussyboys to do it to b****. Dominate this! Tease them to the point that they want to rape me..... you f****** c***! You'd do that and I bet if one of them were ever to be the man they should be and turn your ass up and f*** the s*** out of you you'd be one of those to whine about being raped wouldn't you> And some pathetic liberal prosecutor and some f****** feminist loving judge would accommodate you too! You are a woman. You use your mouth to pleasure men because that's how nature intended you to be. To be honest, if you pulled that s*** on me you'd be on the curb. Best remember that when the world goes to s*** and we are back to the law of the jungle b****** like you are going to have to change your tune fast or be dinner for some denizen of the wilds!

  • Why are you so damn angry?

  • Wow wish u could blow me

  • Are you guys so desperate for a 15 second muscle contraction that you would sacrifice your pride and dignity to be dominated by a woman just to get a nut?

    Of ALL the bullshit I read here THAT is more disgusting than anything!

  • Certainly!

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