I'm Scared to Grow.

I am so sick and tired of my siblings' constant bullying and teasing. They constantly tease me for being "fat" and overweight. I am 5'4" at 148lbs with measurements of 38"-30"-40" I hardly think I'm "fat" and yet when I ask them to stop they start calling me a b*tch. After putting up with it for three months since I moved back home, I've finally had enough. While trying to watch a movie, my 21-year old brother would not stop calling me fat, ugly, and a b*tch when I asked him to stop. He was doing this from the beginning of the movie to when the Joker crashed Bruce Wayne's fundraiser. I just snapped and threw my lunch on the ground and told him to shut up. I just began crying and ran to my room. I've been in here for five hours, searching for jobs near my boyfriend's home and skipped work. I'm just so fed up with the constant teasing from my own family. My boyfriend's been telling me I can move anytime I want but I'm afraid of being a burden and money. He lives almost 100 miles away and makes enough to support himself. I have barely enough to support myself now but I just bought a car and have student loans to pay off. I really just want to pack up and leave tonight but I'm afraid of being stuck struggling to get by and being a burden on him. I just wish I could just get the courage to get up and leave.

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  • My family does the same . I dont feel like im fat but they make me feel it.

  • True....same with me cuz i've once sufferd hearing comments for being overweight

  • They are only doing it so they can get a reaction from you. Do not show them that it is bothering you, no matter how much it hurts, they will get bored and stop

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