I absolutely HATE the idea of people worshipping God. After all he puts people through.
I hate how we have to love one another and all this because, honestly, its stupid! and forgiving!? HA!!

I'll tell you a little story;
when i was a christian... i prayed to god to look after my friend who i was concerned and worried about because she was being bullied for all the wrong reasons.

A few weeks later, this girl died.

I was so p***** off, i then told my friend who said "God acts in strange ways, he's probably just testing you to see if you'll sway from his path" to which i replied;
"Well congratulations to him because it worked, i'm not going to sit around wasting my life worshipping a f*cking nut job who will kill off little 12 year old girls with epelepsey to "test" me!! how do you find that 'merciful' of him, how do you find that 'kind' of him"

I then turned to satanism as a revolt against God, but strangely, i feel as if i belong there... I read further into satanism and found that this WAS my religion. and 3 out of 3 prayers came true praying to satan and that a billion more times better then praying to a nut job.

People call me crazy, devil child and possessed. Frankley, I don't care! I like where i am now and satanists are SOOO much sweeter and kinder then any christian i have ever met.

Please no one say anything about my soul being saved. If God *is* actually real, i want to be as far away as possible. i would rather die a thousand deaths then be on god's right hand...

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  • I know a scientist who used to be an atheist. his experience as a passenger in an airplane changed him. The pilot had given up, they had circled and almost exhausted the gas and were five minutes from crashing. The landing gear was not responding. All the while, the "religious people" were praying. He noted that Christians were more confident in their prayers to Jesus and overtime, even the other religious folks joined them in calling "Jesus, savior, save us" etc. last three minutes, the gear was out without the crew's manipulation and they landed safely. He began reading the New Testament from that day! He only wanted to know about Jesus. He read it in his phone (copy is online). Yet to attend church and folks do not know about him as a Church person. For years, he had wanted to quit drinking and smoking which had cost him friends and jobs; had even attended therapies. Said he figured that if Jesus could do all the miracles he read about and what happened in the plane that day, he could do that. And did he do it? Yes, he did! For two years he's been free.

  • Sorry for your loss. I hope that Satanism had helped you heal. That you are on the path you wish to choose.

  • Think of it this way, your friends time on this earth was over. God may have been testing you, but you said she was bullied. Maybe he wanted her to come back to him and to feel his love. She is in a much happier place and i will pray that you repent because God will allways forgive you. Please think about this.

  • I'm going to h*** too, so i'm being as nasty and evel as i can hoping satan will give me a management job when i show up and not some lowly stoker of the eternal fire of h***

  • Hate is not a choice,but an freedom of Expression.

  • The same God watched His only Son die a cruel death on the cross,I hope you stop to think,why didn't he save Jesus?He watched Him who did not have no sin,died for yours.Satan is deceptive,he took a third of heaven with him.He can deceive you into thinking everyone is "sweet"that is his MO.
    I hope you find God again,He is waiting to welcome you back into his Arms.

  • your friend has got you wrong! he should not have told you that God was the cause of the death of the little Girl. if you read the bible..about experience of Job..in the book of Job,,,u will see there, that it was Satan who caused calamities and sickness.. and death..Satan introduced death to our first parents. When satan first revolted in heaven..God could not just right away kill Satan, because thousands has been deceived and disillusioned that Satan was right. if he killed those confused angels..they would had worship God in fear and not in love. God allow Satan to sow his evil principle.. that it will be seen later.. how evil was his ways..then all will know that Satan was wrong and deceiver because through his principles...problems comes in.. time will come..satan will be burn to h***..cause he is the source of all trouble.. and those who will clung to him will too. i hope u will understand the side of God..tnx

  • Yes,it is Unforgiving the way people dress during sunday church day.--------- I can never forgive Church people for the way they dress during sunday whorship.Did Jesus ever wear a Suit or tie,no he did not.You can all rip on me all you want.i can never forgive the Church's for making all people dress like they own a Rich house.Don't Church people ever dress Casual(normal,like they do everyday).the Church is a die-ing breed in north America.I am not saying I don't like Church.---But dress like you are Super Rich in Church,and me dressing like i am super poor.----Now that is really self-degrading to me as a poor person.---I have a God-Giving Right to hate all people who dress like they are Super Rich,and make me look super poor(like i don't belong in Church),and say to me.I don't belong in their Church,Because i Don't Dress Nice(I dress Casual and Normal-ly,like i do everyday).I have a God-giving right to hate all church's.who make all their Church people,dress like they are super rich(while i am super poor).I have that right,This is Canada.alot of Canadian's have died for our Freedom.And all these Super Rich Church's just p*** on the Grave's of those who have died, Defending our Freedom.i choose to be Poor,because i had no choice.Yet i still honor the Soldier's of Canada who died to protect Canada from the Evil american's of 1812.The Church's of Canada(of Today) do not Honor the dead Canadian's and (dead)British and (dead)First Nation's People.I hate all Church's of Canada,who do not Honor the dead Allies of Canada of the war of 1812. from Cyprian Junior bob Merrit B.C Canada,Loyalist to the Queen.

  • You see this poster doesn't even say what hes "praying" for that came "true". Prayers aren't meant to come true like youre thinking. Prayers aren't like wishes to a genie and they are granted. Are you wishing for personal gain? Satan doesn't help, he decieves. He will only tell you lies when they are almost the truth.

    I am not here to bash your religion, because if thats where you fit in and makes you feel accepted, then good on you. I am sorry about your friend and people have their beliefs in God's actions.

    But bashing other religions on the process isn't going to get you anywhere. My only suggestion is to stop being so vague with what your 'god' is doing for you. It makes it sound like you're lying.

  • have u read `JOB' i old testament where God allowed Satan to tempt on Job? i guess ur case have affinity wth that.

  • you need prayer imma have to pray for u


  • All religion of any kind is mental illness. You'll get people claiming that we're obligated to respect people's religions. That's rubbish. Religious faith is the accepting as true of totally unprovable nonsense. In short, religious people are incapable of comprehending reality. That's why all religion, regardless of what kind it is, is delusion or a form of mental illness. Throw that Christianity garbage into the dumpster where it belongs, and certainly do the same with Satanism. Then don't replace it with any other religion. Instead, use your brain. We would have a far better world if everyone rejected religious brainwashing.

  • I believe in God but at the same time I believe that science is the answer to most things and think about it if God is real you should believe in him not to be condemmed to h*** but at the same time your not crazy or anything if he isn't.

  • there r some problems hospitals can help. the only place to go for believe it or not, u hv no choice it is religious places. we can abadone religions when our days are fine. the power of religions only shine in the very desperate moments like possesion. ok, fine. i know, u dont believe in possession sor anything about spirits, they r all rubbish until one day u yrself get possessed. if u r so skeptical, try it to call `them' to come inside u. holy spirit is hard to invited but those satanic/demonic are easy/fast to response to yr calling. go, do it. peeling apple in front of mirror calling `b***** mary' at midnight, or play ouiji in abadned or haunted building, if u dont believe! when u r possesed, see how u rescue yrself using physical brain, or by greatest brain doctor?!
    u r too young to comment!

  • SO, Satan have win your trust? Do you know what is Satan's purpose in this world? I believe you can get help from Satan and they would sure and gladly help you in anyway they can because they really want you to be on their side. Currently, Satan are living in this world just like us but they are doomed in h*** for eternity by the end of time. So, they are gathering and influencing human to be on their side so that by the end of time, humans that believe in Satan will join them in h*** for eternity. You said that it is easier to get help from Satan than God? I guess you are right, but remember that nothing in this world is easy. There is no shortcut to anything. For example, a shortcut to get money is stealing which is a bad way, a shortcut to score your test is to cheat, and a shortcut for help is to ask the Satan. All shortcuts are bad. Believe in God is not just believing and praying. You should also learn the religion. What is religion. Have you been praying the right way. Do you think that you have been praying the way that God wants you to pray? Is there something missing? You are the one who can find the answers if you truly believe in God.

  • well, thats the thing, i tried praying for half an hour for 3 days about this girl because i had a bad feeling. and my friend dies! i mean... really?!

    and i don't care if its the "shortcut" at least satan answered my prayers and so many great things have happened.

    I also found so much that exposes christianity, so i CANT turn back....

  • How come you cannot see it?!?! You are blinded by self-interest, arrogance, ignorance, and you are blind to the truth which STARES AT YOU IN THE FACE. Yet, for many reasons, even some we do not know and are unaware of, you reject it. Just open your heart, not your mind. Research each religion very very carefully and thoroughly. You will find the right decision if you just open your heart to what is right and just. Even if you do not believe in God. It is better to have tried then to have lost. If he doesn't exist and you believed in him, you have lost nothing, but if you have believed in him and he exists, you have gained everything and all eternity. I hope you make the right decisions in life.

    May God, or whatever is truly right and just, Bless You.


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