I'm so happy he hurt me with his immaturity

I met this guy about 3 weeks ago.
We later held hands and he sucked
one of my b****** at the beach which
was really really amusing for the both
of us. Then we started sexting and the
night before we had s** we talked dirty
on the phone for just a couple of minutes.

I will readily admit right now that i was needy.
Like Very Needy.
My problem was that i really wanted
to have something strong and binding
with a guy who would treat me right
and just coz they want to f*** me they
act nice with me and then i start imagining what
it would be like if he would start to love me.

Truth is, until a couple of hours ago, i was a SAD NEEDY stupid b**** who'll wear her heart for almost anybody.
I didnt respect myself as much as i should have and as much as i claim to.

This guy does not deserve me.
Honestly, i wasnt attracted to him. Just wish i could love somebody deserving so i look for MY man
in everyone i come across.
After repeatedly telling him not to upset me again,
he does something insensitive again.
He thinks only of himself and i was just
available to get the job done. Literally.
Not anymore. I'm nobody's fool.
You're out for good this time.
Im used to being known as a sensible, sexy woman with her head on her shoulders and its time
i lived up to it.

I'm not lonely without you, christopher,
i just miss the male companionship and the intimacy.
I'm replacing you, ASAP!


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  • im a male in need of some loving female hands and ears we should talk sometime


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