Ok this boy I like doesnt like me. So

Ok this boy I like doesnt like me. So he thinks im a dam stalker. And so Im like this is fun, im going to keep on doing it cuz I know it annoys him and at least he acknowledge I exist unlike the other guys i unfortunately crushed on. so i look in the phonebook and call him saying hey and hes like i gotta go and im like all right bye. and this continues on and off for 3 months or so. cuz why? you ask. because he leads me on so god dam bad, like one time i asked him did he want me to leave him alone forever. he said he didnt care. then i asked was i ugly he said in typical matter, i dont reckon. so now im confused and so i keep calling him. but now i leave him alone after he hurts my feelings a couple of times saying he doesnt like me and quit calling. and even after my short break of calling he spreads rumors that im stalking him and that hes scared im going to do a drive by or something. and im p***** by now because im trying to do my best not to cry, because im always rejected by guys and it would be nice one dam day to have one like me back. but nooooo instead this dumb ass leads me on and then tells lies. so again i leave him alone. then comes summer and temptation leads me to call him back again joking with friends. he talks for a little longer than his usual 3 minutes and i have hope. then one day i tell him i want to f*** him and i guess i was going deaf or something because i asked him when and he said he doesnt care when. and the next day when i actually thought he liked me a little, he had no vague memory of this event. now i told him to get a facebook and hes like why, and im just like nevermind. now hes got a facebook and im like really jealous cuz there's this girl he once went out with and shes wearing a dam skanky bikini showing her b****, and this has completely nothing to do with the guy i was talkin bout but sorta does, more like guys in general, but why must they fall for the temptation of b**** and ass. i mean really, why cant he just get to know me. i mean its not hard, if somebody liked me id give them the time of day. i mean if someone liked me thats a GOOD thing not a bad thing. again i dont get it, he says im not ugly, but weird. and im like ok? 75% of people on this earth are not completely normal...what the h*** does that mean. i mean what is his definition of normal. shopping at hot topic and listening to weird music isnt normal, dude. he needs to get over himself. because his ex with the bikini has a boyfriend. now the question is will he find a girlfriend for himself....????
I just dont get it....plez help. JUst had to vent...

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  • Call him offer him head and c what happens

  • OMG, can't we have a shoot all the teenagers day?! Jesus Christ already!

  • yooooo you are a freak!

  • this is way too long, and so are some of the responses

  • I know you really like him but if he doesnt want to go out with you, you need to give it up, hes going to spread rumors about you stalking, and then no one will ever go out with you! For now just let guys fall in love with you , not you fall in love with them!

  • Oi. You're a bit of a stalker. He's just being nice. You're probably a butta faceeeee.

  • you are stalking him
    he is not leading you on hes letting you down easy without being completely mean.
    you are probably ugly and that's why he doesn't like you


  • This is the first confession I didn't read all of. Anyway you are stalking him and for the record he didn't lead you on. Nothing you said should have given you the impression that he liked you and second of all why can't you take a hint. This guy doesn't like you and that's that. Get a life and forget about him.


  • understand what u have gone through. I think u just need another distraction... how about changing your wardrobe, wear make-up, laugh more, be happy? When you are happy and confident with yourself, people would notice automatically... and there would be sooooo many guys on your back that you would not even remember this one :)

  • Leave him alone you crazy b****.

  • ok no. 1 that was way too long to read all of it
    2. i did read some of it and yes you ARE stalking him
    3. i now feel sorry for that guy i've never met
    4. im sure your NOT hot especially since your attitude is bizarre.
    5. get over it and just let a guy fall in love with you without pushing it
    6. hes just f****** around with his mates - since he ACTUALLY has friends when he calls.
    NOTE - read over your confession, you'll see my point of view. Leave the poor kid alone!

  • leave him alone. just completely forget about him, and live your own life, get to know who you really are. guys are attracted to confidence not persistence - once he's made it clear that he's not interested (and he definitely has) move on. I'm sure there are lots of guys that like you, but you've been too busy with him to even notice.

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