My Not-So-Much Role Model

My cousin, who is 2 years older than me, has been my role model for years. When we were younger, we fought all the time, and hated eachother, we didn't become close until maybe 5 years ago.

In those few years, I've looked up to her and thought of her as an older sister... That is, until I found out some very shocking things.

She lost her virginity in 8th grade. She told a boy she is acquainted with before she told me. She has also slept with every boyfriend she has had since then, and she has had many. She smokes and drinks heavily. She used to sneak out to see her friends.

Now, unfortunately, this isn't uncommon for someone my age. But I haven't dreamed of doing any of that, and it really hurt to know that my only "sister" was not at all who I thought she was. I still love her, I just lost a lot of respect for her.

She currently has a boyfriend. I really hope she hasn't slept with him, but I can't ask that. And she only cares about him now, not about anyone or anything else. He's one of the nicest ones she's had, but it scares me how much she changes when she's with someone— her first boyfriend changed her laugh, and it sounds so mean it makes you want to cry when you hear it.

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  • grow the f*** up, would ya?

  • No you grow the f*** up!! This girl is entitled to lose respect for every person who pretends to be someone they arent. As for the poster, please remember that just because she had s** with other people doesn't mean anything, it doesn't change who she is... unless she uses other people by having s** with them as I hear people do nowadays... So only you know if you actually should lose respect for her or not.

  • To the first person: its something i needed to get off my chest, no ones making you read this

    To the second person: it's just the principal of the thing. She's not who she used to be

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