Reason to hate jobs

I rarely see my boyfriend anymore.. I haven't been seeing him for weeks at a time thanks to his new job 3 hours away from where i live and where he used to live.
I don't want to get a job, because as soon as he gets off work at 2, i text him when i'm at school, or i call him when i'm not.

I'm currently searching for a job, but i'm in tears feeling like this will ruin what me and my other half share with each other. The hours my mother said to do (which i agree on because fridays give you more money) will not allow my boyfriend and i to talk that day for he goes to bed at 8.30 pm to get up at 3am, and i need to be asleep at 3am because i need to be up at 7am.. anyway, i feel dreadful and i want to tell him about this but i don't know how to word it out :/ any idea?
p.s, me and my man have been together for a year and a half and have talked every day for every one of those days :) i don't want to ruin that :/

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  • Ya he's cheating.

  • 3 hours away? Yeah he's definitively cheating on you. Move on or move to where he is. No point in whining about something neither of you obviously don't want to change. He got that job 3 hours away for a reason and I'm sorry to say I think it's to get away from you. Find someone closer....

  • And how the f would you know that he's cheating on her? Not everybody is a pig like you...

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