I love him a lot

I never had any male frnd but since last two years i had a male frnds who is my best buddy.in starting i never feel when he talk about other girls(he has too many female frnds and im one of them too but)i met him on net.
but for last few time i felt too much possesive for him.
he like a girl a lot and wants to get marry.i love him a lot and he never love me i know this thing because only because beautiful girls attract him a lot and im a very average looking or less than average look.whenever he talk about rthat girl or met with her i feel bad and too alone but i cant say this to him.i try too many time to get away from him but always i fail in this.....wat to do really dont know.i cant live without him.i always try to show him that im not interested in him and talk about other guys in the front of him but all my talk is fake.there is a boy who is really very serious about me and i said him that i lv him too but its not true wat to do im going to be mad........i m making my life like h***......plz suggest me wat to do.

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  • Try telling him "I feel attracted to you and I want to be close to you"
    Do you want to have s** with him? if so, how can you show him that?

    What do you like about the other guy? how does he makes you feel?

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