I cry at night.

I cry at night because I cant let other people see how much pain im in. I come off as a strong person... but im not. The truth is that I plan on committing suicide when Im 18, since im only 16 (will be 17 in four months). Im waiting until then so I can move away from this town and somewhere no one knows me and then I'll just disappear like I was never there. I dont want to be another person to committe suicide in my town and they tell everyone over the annoucements and people wonder who was that? and question if I was ever in one of there classes since they probably would'nt have noticed me if i was there. I just want to disappear and excape this pain.

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  • Taking your life is not the answer. You are sixteen. You have endless possibilities. Life is like a journey for you to find who you are. Right mow you maybe stuck. However when you turn 18 you have the freedom to go and explore the world. Go to colledge or a university far away from where you live. Go enjoy life meet new people. Leave the past in the past learn from it. LIVE you still have an entire life infront of you. You will never find your true self if you end your life early. Everyone experiences their downs all the time.. I do too but, you have to look to the future and find yourself through your journey through life.

  • please dont. you're stronger than that. i used to cry all the time at night. hurt myself so bad. i couldnt take it one day and actually tried to commit suicide and i stopped and realized that i was better than that. just stay strong, the pain goes away eventually i promise.

  • What problems do you have that could make you want to end your life? I promise you this, there is nothing going on in your life right now that warrants you killing yourself. If people are griefing you, get revenge.

  • no please don't! keep your head up, everyone hurts sometimes but you can't just give up. I'm 16 and sometimes I cry at night too but I always remember that someday I won't be in pain, someday it will get better. so hang in there, I promise it will get better so please promise me you won't kill your self. maybe then I can be strong too.

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