When My Husband Leaves For Work I Do My Neighbor

I got bored being home alone all the time. My husband is an Executive Accountant and doesn't want me to work. So I stay home, clean the house, surf the net, play tennis, and do my next door neighbor.

It started when I felt sorry for my neighbor. He is a veteran who got shot up in the military and is in a wheelchair. We started talking every day mostly because I could see he was lonely and felt sorry he was in the wheelchair. I invited him in for coffee one day and after coffee he pulled me down and kissed me. I should have told him to stop but the feeling sorry overruled common sense and I didn't think he was a threat because I didn't think he could have s** (Boy was I wrong!). So I kissed him back and let him play with my b****** after he got my bra off.

Now I have s** with him on a regular basis, and my husband is clueless. Once my husband called home and I was talking to him on the phone when my neighbor was going down on me, lol.

I'm very happy with this arrangement. Sometimes I have s** twice a day. I get it with my neighbor in the morning and from my husband at night. What modern girl wouldn't love that?

Feb 14, 2012

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  • I read an interesting variation of this experience not long ago that had me really fired up. A short story called...'Getting the Neighbor to Work'. I began eyeing my neighbor in a different light from then, lol.

  • What is friend for she just having s** with leads to love for women and neighbor need love as well as baby, accidental happen

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  • Let him know its alright for him to play but tell him if he want extra than it only fair for both to swing and you tell him about it

  • It happens more than most think. I started an affair with the couple next door in late 1985 and as soon as he entered me I knew there would be no going back. I had others over the years but cannot live without him. My husband knew nothing until mid 2010 when he came home early and caught me on the table with a much younger man. He understands but doesn't like it although he sometimes watches me getting ready.

  • He realy love and trust you make his watch you and clean you out

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  • My wife is not a modern girl but she does our neighbor as you do. Another difference is that I do know she does because our neighbor and I are good friends and he tells me all about it. One day he texted me he was going to go down on her so I called her while he did it. It's very arousing to be with her at night knowing she was with him during the day.

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  • My wife became friends with our neighbor. She is 38 and widowed. My wife and I are both 52. My wife; Cynthia and our neighbor Celeste went to the veterinary clinic to pick up our dog. On the way back, they were discussing "girl stuff" Celeste confided to Cynthia that she has not had s** in eight months and is extremely h****. "My very bashful wife," tells her "I would love to share my husband with you!" Once they got home, my wife took the lead and started kissing me in front of Celeste. Before I knew it, they were both on their knees giving me a tremendous b******! After we made our way to the bedroom, Cynthia is guiding my c*** to Celeste's p****. They continued to take turns all night. Celeste and I f*** as much as possible, even if my wife isn't home.

  • Dirty Western World. That is why you are going to h***.

  • Always tell you wife please tell or call before, she would love you more than you would know

  • I’m 50 now and work full time but when I was 24 and nursing our first child I stayed at home. One day someone knocked on the door in the middle of the morning and it was my neighbor bringing fresh bread he had just baked. He was around 50 at that time, ha ha. My baby started crying so I asked him if he wouldn’t mind taking it to the kitchen while I took care of my baby. On his way out he saw me nursing and asked me if I wouldn’t mind that he gives me some breastfeeding advice. He told me my child was biting the tip of my nipple as opposed to the whole areola and taught me how to do it. The guy was so knowledgeable and tender as he grabbed my b**** that I became really aroused. He must have noticed because he kissed me. I kissed him back instinctively as he caressed my b****. I put the child in the couch and we ended up having s** right there in the living room. The next day I called him to ask if he had fresh bread.

  • S**, it good and it can lead to you loving another man, that ok, but be up front with your better half, he may not like it but let him know it no love just s**. and ask him to be understanding this is the big test of your marriage his love for you, to see if he realty love you it will be ok with himples try to cll before and See what he thinks. your are both caring and understanding, I sure if it ok, he may want to watch so film it.

  • Nothing wrong with you getting what you need and neighbor needs, and hubby id fine with his awesome wife who stays home and keeps fires burning, wish you were mine, you are and hot lady and you tke care of 2 men, perfect, woman and wife.

  • I do not know what the problem is? She gets board so she needs to f*** so what. I f*** my neibours wife 40 and her daughter21.

  • I am also f****** my neighbour, her husband works away a lot and she came on to me one day while my wife was at her mother for the week.We were chatting when she said how would you like to s*** me, i haven't any c*** for a month now since hes been away and then she rubbed her hand over my c***, so i took her in her house and we got on the settee and she took my rock hard c*** out and sucked it, we then ended laid on the carpet with my seven inch c*** up rammed all the way her c*** and f****** her. I am still servicing her and i have got her pregnant. she as convinced her husband the baby is his, also my wife does not know i'm s******* her close friend.

  • It s over big buddy, true always come to light, I hope for you and your wife it stays a secret, of course her marriage could be over too a little thing and her get mad at him an spill the beans. I think your wife best friend will tell her sooner than you thank

  • That is awesome, f****** her and getting her pregnant is ultimate. wish you were my neighbor as I wouldt mind if my wife f***** around and got pregnant from other man.

  • Well done mate

  • Can i join you

  • You're a w****. I hope your husband is f*****g his secretary.

  • I have to agree with the earlier post. You're sick and a w****. it's women like you that make men treat women with suspicion and won't trust them. Your husband is probably s******* around on you, too, and you probably would freak out if it was. If you would scrape off that impacted s**** stuck on the roof of your mouth you'd find the fulfillment you need.

  • You are sick. Really sick. I love how your being bored is your husband's fault because he doesn't want you to work. I'm so happy to hear you're having s** twice a day with two different men you obviously care nothing about. Certifies you as a w****. Congrats, s***!

  • B**** ass trick

  • S** with a criple? You've reached a new low.

  • Wow

  • Can you be more specific. WOW?

  • I am in year 5, and I have kissed my boyfriend in front of my teacher. My teacher was so embarrassed to see us doing it that he left the room. Then my boyfriend moved his hand slowly down my thigh, under my skirt and ripped off my underwear. Then he started playing with my p****! I was loving it! Then he moved his hand up my tummy and started rubbing my b**** behind my bra. Then he moved his hand up into my actual b****.

  • I had s** with my former teacher, my dad and my uncle. It was the best experience ever, you should continue.

  • Incest is best, put your daughter/niece to the test!

  • I agree, my sis and I did a lot of f*****, was soooooooo good with her, and we have kids of our owm but we still sneak off and have best s**,

  • Woah how with your dad and uncle?

  • You are so hot, keep all happy, and continue.

  • Let's f***

  • I'm intrigued. Why is your neighbour a vet while your husband is an exact? Has he inherited money or have you (or your husband) trumped things up?
    What are your qualifications? Why does your husband want to squirrel you away?
    I'll be up all night thinking about this. ..

  • Just pure adult good s** with neighbor and husband, soooo cool, keep rocking

  • Serve the country. Viginally

  • I found this because my wife wants to f*** the guy next door. and iam okay with it. I want her to go for it. i think if we leave the door unlocked one friday each month he can bang her hard. ill let her have some fun. we love each other and like to have good hot s**. and i know he wants to f*** her. i see it when he looks at her. i want them to f*** like crazy and then she will bang me so hard too. i want him to shoot his load in her tight little ass. his wife doesnt need to know. our own f*** session. great threesome if you ask me. he is strong and she is hott. i had her masturbating last night to it. she was so wet. i want to figure out how to tell him to come in and shove his c*** in her. im ready to make this happen. so to you keep f****** him.

  • If your wife wants him to f*** her ok as long as you do not get jeolous!
    I would join if you like to my manhood is huge
    She woul love it.

  • RIGHT ON ! let my wife keep other friend satisfied, and when she does other guys I am happy and satisfied, awesome wife I have, and those wives who take care of other men as well as hubby, are just pure awesome

  • Go for it can I f*** her p**** and mouth

  • You're an idiot. Do society a favor and kill yourself.

  • I wanna find your husband and stole your husband, I hate woman who stole another woman husband, Im happy if your husband left you especially a woman like you w**** b****, dont blame me cause I stole your husband, because you stole another woman husband, Im karma for you

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