I am in love with my pet .

I am sexually attached to my fish . i sit and watch his green , blue and yellow scales and get so wet and h**** . i took him out his bowl once and kissed his wet lips and i felt this sexual rush run through my veins , i have dreams i put him in my p**** and let him swim inside me . and then i get so wet and finger my self . my boyfriend broke up with me because he got jealous and because i wouldnt have s** with him near my fish and i started crying when he tried to have s** with me in his room because i felt like i was betraying the love i have for my fish . i am sexual frustrated and scared for the life of my fish , im scared someday i will end up raping him and taking advantage of him and out amazing bond . someone please help me ? :'c

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  • Lol!!!!! Mental Health decline alert!!!

  • Ive had sexual experiences with animals before, it's quite fun, so f*** your fish.

  • So f***** funny...

  • This is an f'en troll.

  • You cant f****** rape a fish.
    Jesus christ.
    It's gonna die soon anyways.
    Just boil it and eat it

  • I can understand the attraction to animals. Im sexually attracted to dogs, bears, and large cats. I would not engage in any sexual contact with the fish since it would probably reasolt in the fish being harmed or worse... I would suggest talking with someone who shares simular feelings.. human/animal s** can work out...but I dont think the outcome would be good for a fish...good luck..

  • Really you need that someone helps you, you have a strange disease called zoophilia, You should to go with a doctor. Good luck!

  • Pff. Disease. There's a "disorder" named after everything, these days.

    I say you're lucky. At least you have the fish. My deepest fantasy can never come true.

  • Is your fantasy a unicorn? Because that's my fantasy... That long horn

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