Girl, 15

I was sexually abused and beaten up by a boy 3 years older than myself.
People at school spread malicious rumours about me, saying I was a s*** or attention seeking.
I developed depression and insomnia.
I began to cut myself, and have continued to do so over the last year.
Half way through this time, I became extremely suicidal.
I am still cutting but not as much, and I no longer want to die.
I don't feel depressed much anymore, and I'm trying to stop cutting.
But I've started to get panic attacks at school, so I'm scared to go to school.
I just feel like it's not fair, I know I have a good life compared to others, but I want to be happy.
I've had enough suffering.

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  • ok i'll try to help um i guess the best idea is to just talk about it i'll be on here daily for a while so let me help

  • eft, tapping, panic attacks...tap along darling.

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