Metal fan secretly grieving over Whitney Houston's death

In public, if I hear about whitney's death, I roll my eyes and scoff. I giggle at the rude jokes and act completely unfazed by all the tabloids about it but...
I cry about it when I'm alone and have become depressed. I sob at night. The truth is I wanted to be just like Whitney when I was a little kid. She was my hero. I wanted to be a singer when I grew up and would sit for hours on her songs trying to figure out how to hit those notes. there isn't a single hit she didn't inspire me. I still secretly listen to her albums even years later and even would still check up on her from time to time in the news to see how her life was going. To this day, since the single came out, I can't listen to 'I will always love you' without getting emotional...even if I had listened to Swedish death metal all day. I love you Whitney. :*(

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  • Whitney has always been my hero too; as much as her beauty and talent inspired me, her songs have been such a soundtrack to my life and experiences. I felt better after listening to her voice - I wonder if she truly knew the power she had.

  • Get a life. You should be depressed to know that your hero is a f*cking drug addict singer. Is that really your role model?

  • Most singers and athletes and celebrities have drug issues. They just might not make the front page news like Whitney's did, is all. The squeaky-clean and uber-conservative types, by definition, will defy the laws of physics to hide their addictions. Makes people like you that much easier to fool.

  • Yes I truly understand.....I have become depressed to. Asking Why???? I wish this was a dream

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