Too many good men.

I met two wonderful men at the same time. They both seem to fall for me quick and hard. After about five dates I had to decide. Picked one to "dump". Felt horrible. Told him I was confused. Three more dates with the other, now officially my boyfriend....he is a terrific person....just does not seem like "the one". Now I must hurt him, he seems crazy about me. The other one is waiting.....Another issue....Ex boyfriend shows up. Another wonderful guy, love him so much....just does not have his sh-t together, wants me back. I spent a couple days with him (no s**).

After I "dump" A, will I go with B and have to dump him for C? Sometimes I just want to die because I don't want to hurt ANYONE. Terrible confused and depressed.

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  • Being "Gay''...I would love to sleep between 2 "Hot, Sexy Men".

  • You will never be satisfied with one man....just admit that you are a w**** and a s***...many chicks are...I'm married 10 years and am faithful, but I let my wife see her old boyfriends when she wants, usually a few times a month...look, I'm not being hurtful...just stop lying to yourself that monogamy is for you.

  • Ditz
    I was married and faithful for 22 years so your THEORY is wrong, wrong, wrong!!!!

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