You wasted your time reading this and I don't feel bad about it in the slightest.

May 20, 2018

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  • You're very easily entertained.

  • P****

  • Meghan doesn't even hide her ego and arrogance now that she is married and the twofacedness of her family now she is a ditchess many times over. ditching people is her game. but i seen those home films of the brat playing :your royal hignass" and I thought, this kid wtich really thinks she is something special or what? hey. I mean she really thinks she is hot and born to be royal. how come so many people don't agree with her and don't like her. she is mean and pulls this I am hurting so its ok for me to be mean behind hrh face and all he wants is another drink like her. yeh, great pair of twats these brats are. she don't want her mother around incase harry might service her too or the sister and its her numbers game like the cash case girl she is. what a joke. most people would have told a kid to step down from such ideas of grandeur but black gets some smack.

  • So she walks down the aisle with Charles and harry sounds like a play for the top job as queen to me. a baby to harry and the 2nd to charles and 3rd to william like kate did, first one to william, second one to a lizard and the 3rd lizard designers co-op. hmmmmmmmmm. they are eeky and their creepy.

  • I am glad you enjoyed wasting my time. We have a shared experience.

  • If I won the lotteries I would hate the royals so much!

  • Yeh, exactly that is how i feel about seeing s***** richo fatzo royals in uk living it up all the time while the rest of us have no work or relationship and they are torturing us for no reason. sadistic evil family they are.

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