I caught my boyfriend masturbating and I feel way less attracted to him. We haven't been having s** much because I'm pregnant. I know guys do it but just the fact that I caught him makes me look at him in a different way. The main reason way I don't have s** with him is because he comes on to me in a really raunchy way and it is a HUGE turn off. I just wish he would stop coming onto me like that and if he can't, I wish he would stop coming on to me at all and let me come to him. I know if I talk to him about it he would get his feelings hurt.


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  • Get over yourself

  • I am a woman and I don't mind that my boyfriend masturbates. I m*********. Everyone does (you probably do too, you are just too proud to admit it). You should be grateful he's just j********** instead of cheating on you. Yes, he is going to come on to you, he is your boyfriend, you stupid little c***. Grow the f*** up.

  • How old are you? You will realize as you get older that men m*********. They all do it. You are being silly, to deprive him because you are jealous of his self love! Men m********* on an average of 5 times a week, some everyday! Accept him and give unconditional love. Learn to have confidence in yourself and your own sexuality. Men are putty in your hands when you learn to use what you have to your advantage....

  • If you refuse to have s** with him, expect him to m*********. Your current situation is of your own making.

  • Yes because s** is all about YOU.

  • Duh. Of course.

  • LOL; so what if he was masturbating? Even your father masturbates. Grow up.

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