Wife wants to start swinging

My wife Karen , out of the blue says she wants to start swinging. She tends to be very driven, and usually gets what she wants. I asked her why she wants to do that. She tells me she feels it will spice up our relationship, she thought our marriage was getting stale. If I didn’t agree to swinging, then she wants an open marriage. “If you don’t say yes to swinging I have someone I want to date on Friday, “
Karen has changed a lot over the last few years, she is a big time executive at her job, and makes a boat load of money. I am not sure how I even got her to date me let alone marry me. She works out almost everyday, which gives her a killer body, she still has big t*** too, Go figure!
An open marriage wouldn’t work for me, not the lady-killer. While the way she is, and the way she looks, I am sure she would be f****** every weekend.
I asked, “How is this going to work?”
Karen, “I have looked on swinger sites, and I will pick out who we should f***.” I am looking at a black man with a white wife right now. Karen :“I have always wanted a black man.” “I also might want to try the wife too! Since I have been Bi-curious for awhile now.”
I love her very much, not certain I am cut out this though. I also can’t afford to divorce her since my hours have been cut back at work. Should I try it for now, or let her have her open marriage?

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  • My wife and I have been with one couple we know for many years and it is wonderful. We started soft swap fun and the progressed to full swap fun in a mater of one month we were swapped. It was good for all four of us, we all enjoyed it totally. When we found out our friends had a couple they were with before us we were asked if we would like a 6some during along weekend to try the second couple they knew. We said ok. It was a wonderful long weekend started late Friday afternoon like at 7 PM and we all met at a mountain cabin to get it all on. The new couple was black, and YOUNG like 8 years younger then my wife and I am our original friends. The evening started out with a BBQ in the mountains, and quickly progressed to all 6 of us in bed a separate room. I was with the black lady and my wife was with the black male. Our original friends were like butter flies. They would go from room to room just playing some and feeling up one of us and then enjoy some attention from me or the black lady and it got so heated on one of the room visits we all either e********* or orgasmed. Well it was like a new awakening. My wife loved the extra, and I loved the wonderful strong legs my partner used very wonderfully in bed. She was tight also. We see them in 4some now and love it we still do long weekends with our original friends also. It is a wonderful way to enjoy a marriage sharing and swapping openly. We meet others and do soft s** like self masturbation and mutual masturbation when we meet others that are beginners. Usually we use p*** on the tv to set the mood to get nude with beginners. It lets them feel the rush, and have a new beginning for there s** life also. It is all wonderful to enjoy and be open to doing, s** is so pleasurable, it is for sharing and being open with.

  • She has already been f****** around behind your back dude. She is just trying to cover her tracks.

  • My older wife met a young african guy called Nic at work she kept saying to me i think he wants to take me to bed so i said i dare you thats all she needed to hear one friday night she went for a drink after work with friends Nic turned up and i got a text from Jan my wife saying she was staying over night with her friend. Next evening as we were in bed she told me she stayed at Nics. I was shocked then she went into great detail of how he f***** her no condom she said he creampied her 4 times then stuck his c*** up her bum shes been meeting him once a week comes home full with his s**** she loves it

  • My 55 year old wife got creampied by young kenyan guy she loved it

  • I think you should encourage her to f*** more men if that is what she wants.

  • Ultimatums are bullshit. Send the b**** on her way.

  • Any1 who wants 2 fukc n1ggers is an ape themselves

  • My wife likes to f*** black men and it is really hot.

  • Go for it

  • Any1 who wants to fukc n1ggers is an ape 2

  • We have discussed this, the big black d*** thing is a myth.
    in fact they mostly don't get rockhard like Caucasians. there is a relationship between erections and a relaxed mental state. you can be real relaxed when you have a relaxed lifestyle due to a welfare lifestyle.....we both think some women like to make "spite babies" due to some sort of psychological faily problem... apology for being white, rich etc.

  • Any1 who wants to fukc n1ggers is an ape too

  • Any1 who f** n1ggers is an ape themselves

  • Any1 who wants to fukc n1ggers is an ape themselves

  • Anyone who wants to f** a n***** is an ape themselves

  • You chose badly. Cut your losses and run like h***!

  • Go for it ! Almost all wives want to try swapping or swinging as it is known. Additionally all wives fantasize about having s** with a black man. Trust me variety is the spice of life.

  • Any1 who wants to f*** n1ggers is an ape themselves

  • Yes it will be fun

  • Your wife Karen has already been getting f***** by other guys before she even brought up the idea of swinging to you. She just wants to alleviate her guilt by convincing you that it is your idea that she can s**** other guys.

    If she is a powerful executive with a hot body (and h**** in addition), chances are that the guys at work are begging to slip between her thighs, and she's probably letting them. This is already well out of the realm of your control, but perhaps you can get some good new p**** on the side to make you feel better about things.

  • I disagree ! I never cheated on my husband before we swapped.

  • I can see that this response is new, so Niki you seem to be looking to this screen and seeing the messages, I dont know if there is a possibility to send directly to you a post, or email through here but I am interested in chatting with you "Niki".

    I and my husband have been thinking about this but never gone all the way. Is there anything we should be specially aware of?

    I am so curious, but at the same time I am so afraid, I have only been with him, and I am now 35 years old, and though I love him I am regretting getting into a relationship at 16 years and he agrees. We have discussed this LS and it is interesting, but I am also so afraid to let him be with others, kind of dont want to share him haha, I know that is selfish, but it is how I feel. Is this normal or is that just something I get over. I sometimes think we should just get a separation for a year and do what we want and the get back together :D. Quite dumb I know, and not realistic, I am just so afraid of swapping and then be focused on him. Any advise for me, Niki?

  • Don't waste time. Get it over with

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  • OP- Some of you need to read my other confession.St. Pattys Day Date I Had not looked at this site in years. A quick update, we took the trip with Ben and Jody, well I did not know this at the time, but Ben had impregnated them both on the trip, I was wearing condoms the whole time so I knew it wasn't mine. We actually quit seeing them right after that, so the swinging stop. Luckily ? Karen had a miscarriage. I told my wife we needed to start just us being a couple again. That worked about 6 months, she came to me one day and told me she had started seeing a guy at work, and that she wanted an open marriage again. I told her no, and wanted a divorce instead. She said fine. I didn't move out right away, but sometimes I would come home, and she would be f****** the guy, who was also black. The day i moved out, i found out she was 3 months pregnant. That was almost 5 years ago. She married the dude, and they have twin girls. One rumor is the husband shares her with his friends, and that she gets gang banged all the time. I did great in the settlement, and have been doing OK the last 5 years. My current GF is hot, though she is an Ex - stripper. She now works at a car dealership.

  • Wow, you have really been through a lot with your ex wife. Hope all works out for you now.

  • In 2000 I suggested to my husband since he was never going to forgive any thing or any one for the way we had him treated after he discharged from the Navy with a honorable discharge. All I had done until then was I did have one affair while he was Underwater for three and a half years out of pure lonlyness after our marriage a year and a half before. then when he returned two years latter things were just such a disruption with his nine years seniority and more than sixty percent of the UAW plat he was retuning from his military leave to. I was trying to keep him from being more disruptive than nearly 160 other Military returnees had been the last year.

    It turned into trying to keep him from being a disruptive person in the community doing just as he pleased Taking summer vacations that were needed by families with school aged kids or when there was tradition conflicts. Plans others had hopes for Such as the milliniall holiday Even though I spent it in Bavaria with his family and came back after hearing of the trouble he was causing because his seniority rights were ignored forcing him to stay.

    I had made a plan to take him out for his Birthday the day we flew in, Then the next two days celebrate the Christmas and New year holiday like he had been deployed and was coming home right after the holidays. Then to replace the time I spent in Germany Go to a B and B, 4 Hours to the North Over looking the straights of Makinack Hoping he would consider it a fair exchange for being made to work the millinialls out of a jail cell. After the Insulting way we returned on his birthday. and he would not take the Local unions suggestion and offer to make up the Milliniall holiday when he had a right to it by seniority of 24 years to those with less than three. giving him full holiday pay and not making him take a hit on his vacation or personal time he had coming.

    We had to meet him at four the next morning when he came home and ask him why he would not even try.

  • Hey if she cant get eonough at home, why not let other hard c**** help? if a guy f**** other women , he is a stud, but if a woman f**** another man she is a s***, by my standards she is a hot wife and is to be exhalted for that.

  • Your wife Karen is a n***** f****** w****.

  • Who in the fu%% would take that from any woman? Are you a puzzy? Grow a pair of b**** and drop her. She is a pig and has zero respect for you.

    What is it with some of you guys? Do you have any shame or pride?

    I don't care how much I loved someone if they came to me with that nonsense I'd throw them out the door. Physically!

  • Tell her no, and focus on your marriage like a real woman. Honestly dude if she does this and she is going to do it anyway what does that say about your relationship...what does that say about u if u just go along with it? You have options... work on your marriage if it really means a damn (otherwise what is the point in being married). By the sounds of it she hs no respect for u or your marriage if she doesnt care how u feel about it. Either be a man and say no. U are going to sit there and be a b**** so she can pay your rent? Cmon bro... have u no self esteem? If u care that much about money than Let her sleep with others and then collect your alimony, from her betraying the marriage.

    Honestly dude, why do u want to be with someone who doesn't love u? A complete dirt-bag on top of that.
    If she truly cared about u she wouldnt put u in thi position.

    F×ck her dude.

  • I guess that trophy wife is just a s****. dont worry beta cuck , she will have you getting breed in no time.

  • Trust me a woman will swing behind your back anyway. nothing you can do but go along for the ride. At least you can meat some new friends .

  • My parents are swingers and my mom's name is Karen as well lol. I found out one night when I was 14. I came home early from a friends place and I opened the door and saw my mom and dad having s** with another couple. I turned around and walked out. i came home 2 hours later. my mom and dad talked to me about it with was a little weird. they said they been doing it since I was about 5. well now I know why I always stay at my grandparents on Friday nights lol. at first I found it wired but got use to it. ever since I found out they don't hide it from me they would never have s** in front of me but they do kiss and cuddle and hold hand with others around me. when ever they have friends over they tell me to go in the basement and put headphones on lol

  • Why do I want to watch the busty wife get nailed ?

  • Cause it is awesome, and it is is incredible to see wife get nailed by another c***.

  • I audio tape the wife beating off, its really hot!!!!!

  • Kick the s*** out

  • Man she a big time executive? S*** tell her no to the swinger fuckery and if she wants to cheat take that curious b**** for bread. I'm talking Alamony, child support get that bread bro.

  • Your marriage will be a lot better if you do. I was like you but I eventually changed and I loved watching her with another ma. I think you will too. She is not property but her own person. Wise up.

  • Watching me with other men is a major turn on for my husband.

  • Stick with the white meat and let her get so smoaked but I would never touch her again. but that's just me

  • You are such a racist ! For your knowledge most wives have experienced interracial s** either by swapping or swinging or affairs. My first experience was at a swingers club with my husband watching.

  • I swinging for a woman is like , she stills single f****** who ever she wants with secured family future.

    A woman have really a hard time being a s*** & to find a true man who can accept her as she is. Cuz men when it comes to choose a wife the raise the bar higher for whom they will build house, life , future to, in addition to whom they will give half of their wealth to.

    My friend don't listen to those who say if you love her then try it. You're the man eventually what ever your financial status is. You're the security no matter how strong the woman is. So don't tolerate any of your standards or life goals. For me , your wife already gone , just have the strength & ditch her. Find someone who can match your goals in life.

    Living a lone is better than living with pain.

  • Are my posts getting posted?

  • If you love her then try it. You might find out that the combination of jealousy and aroticism makes you h**** as h***. I do think swinging is better, since you can both be there together when it happens. You don't have to participate. You could just watch her.

  • I like watching my husband giving another woman pleasure.

  • Basically she is telling you that she is not into s** with you. But she likes talking to you. Consider this. Mosten dont line swinging cause it is harmful to the relationship. She has already left you emotionally and you should be more happy if you saw it that way. See yourself as a happy dude who get a reason ( a female ticket to swinging ) even thpugh ypu are aingel and can attach to anyone you want as long as you do it for your own swef confidence. Once ypu have worked up that confidence get yourself a better lady. And be honest to her.

    The best thing would be to just move put let her test her black fellows on her own and look for someone new who isnt a s***. And if this new commitment is slutty then dont be patient. Show her that you are ready to leave if nessesary.

  • Go for it you'll at least find out if she is committed to you or that she is just trying to trade up.

  • Let her take the black c** a d you give his wife a load of c** swinging is a real turn on try a black women to I would to s rew a black lady and make her take my c**

  • Do it man it'll fix your marriage just don't worry bout the s** its just fun pretend its a sport and have fun and have a kid that way she will never leave you even if she f**** other guys !

  • The way I see it is this way. You have a chance to be with another women, so you can do it with no strings attached. Or you can chose not to swing and pack up and leave. If it was me I would just hit the road and sue her for alimony for being unfaithful.

  • Lol! Oh man I feel bad for you son you got 99 problems and and your girl is one!

  • I have been curious for quite awhile about s** with a black man. My huband and I are separated and I know he would never go for an "open" relationship. Im not sure I would want one really. But,I'm kind of single,and been doing new things watching p*** for the first time so that has increased my curiosity about being with a black man. I just could never tell him or anyone else about it. I'm band new here tonight and just talking outloud or writing outloud I guess. Men, please dont send rude notes,Im just curious for some reaction from anyone preferably women that may be going through similar situation. Stephanie

  • Any1 who wants to fukc n1ggers is an ape themselvs

  • Stephanie you are single ! Go for it ! Like most women you want to experience black c*** so why not ? My suggestion is to go to a swingers club out of town where you are most likely unknown. Or hook up on line with a black guy who is out of town who has his own apt. condo or house. If he is married then hook up at a hotel or motel.

  • Any1 who wants 2 fukc n1ggers is an ape themselvs

  • Stephanie: It all depends on the type of husband you have. A lot of white men, including myself, would love to either allow their wife to date a black man, or to actually watch their wife with a black man. If I were your husband, I would say go for it. For the man I think it's a combination of jealousy and eroticism to watch their white wife being pounded by a well hung black stud. You just need the right match in a husband. That way both of you have the same interest.

  • Dumbest s*** ever

  • Having s** with black men is such a turn on ! Watching them penetrate you & going in & out of you & the skin contrast is so erotic & exciting.

  • Anyone who likes f****** n****** is an ape themselves

  • Very well said, my wife enjoys really hard and willing c*** to make her feel alive, and I love it too, seeing my wife enjoy really hard c*** make our relationship truley strong and exciting.

  • It is such a turn on to me knowing that my husband is watching me as I am taking another man's c*** deep inside of me.

  • W****

  • Sorry, but doesn't sound like you have much choice. It sounds like she will do it anyway, sowhy not give it a try, nothing to lose at his point. Stephanie

  • If she laid down the law like that I'd say no and if she did her thing anyway, I'd say goodbye. If she cheats you can do good money wise for sure.

    We keep our s** life fun by playing games online at MyPartnerAndI, it's fun, free and helps us keep a fire burning.

  • My wife and I have been to a lot of swingers parties, and we did think about the LS. Mostly what we saw was men popping V***** and having s** for hours, and all the women wanted other woman. A group of people with sexual problems: women that are gay and men that can get it up with out a pill. Something is not right with you and your partner's s** life if you have to look out side the relationship to find sexual satisfaction. If my d*** can't please my lady and she need to have another man do her then it time for me to move on.
    Dumb ass she f****** the other guy because she wants his d*** and not yours at that time.

  • My husband and I have been swinging for 10 years, We are addicted to group f******. I love having 2 d**** in me while I suck my husband.

  • O.M.G. I love s** with multiple men whether it being a dp or all holes filled or a gang bang.

  • Now that is truley adult pleasure and real joy to share, afer all are we adults or what?

  • Have you been with any black men hon ?? Stephie

  • Can i contact with you?

  • My wife did the same thing. The reason for it was because she was cheating and thought it would be a good way to keep doing it without the guilt. Be very careful. Most likely she is already cheating on you.

  • I am very certain that she is already cheating. She just brought up the swinging thing to cover it. Most likely she has been f****** somebody.

  • Boy if we only knew the things that would come up in a lifetime right? But we don't. My wife and I enjoy the best s** life I could ever imagine and have an open marriage. Everyone is different and there's no cookie cutter 'lifestyle' so you need to do what works for you. To me, it doesn't sound like you're into it and so maybe you should consider letting her go and concentrating on making you happy. That one person is right, if there's any jealousy or hesitation whatsoever, it's not a good idea. For my wife and I, we had what I would say was the perfect marriage and s** life before the topic of sharing was ever brought up. When it was we were both excited to experiment, we did and have never looked back or regretted anything. Our marriage and s** life are even better than we could have ever imagined. We've been married for 24 years and have been having fun with others for the past 15. To this day, we desire each other more than ever! We have friends who think we're crazy and friends who wish they could be as relaxed about the whole thing as we are. To each his own. Live love and be happy. Life's too short.

  • Swinging is better than an open marriage. We used to swing when we first got married (until the kids came along). One day I forgot to bring a lunch (I worked construction) and caught her with one of my friends in bed. He jumped up and took a fighting stance, naked and all, but I told him it was OK, and told my wife that she better still be horney when I got home. when I got home about 4 hours later we had some of the hottest s**. She said that she kept getting hornier and hornier as the day went on. After we were done I told her that we could have threesomes and orgies with other couples, but that I really didn't like for her to have s** with anyone unless I was there too. She said that was fine with her, but she perferred mmf. She said that if I would try expermenting with bisex she would only have s** with other men with me there too.

    At first it felt odd to touch another man's erect p****, but it didn't take too many times for me to start getting into sucking c*** while wife watched. When we are with another man I let her decide what we are going to do sexually, and I have never been disappointed!

  • If you are a swinging couple, or have an open marriage, catching a wife like that is very hot. My husband has come home unexpectedly a few times and has "caught" me. When he does he usually will get undressed and hop in with us and I have an even better time. Of course, we talk about the unplanned s** with the other guy that night when he gets back from work. But the quickie I get from him, plus the s** I get from my lover is great. My husband has tried bi also and is ok with it. And now if I have someone coming over during the day I willt ell him before and his build up while he is at work is incredible and we get right to it when he gets home. I hope everyone enjoys this lifestyle.

  • hi I worked for a company (retired now) and my job was to fix machines for them. i would work at a plant for a few years and then go to another plant for a few years. i worked at this one plant and became friends with some guys from this one department. after being away for abour 4 years and returning i tryed to find my friends but they wern't there any more and as a matter of fact none of the people from that department were work there anymore.
    i asked another friend of mine what happend to the peopole from that department and asked about my friends also. he told me that those people from that department were all swingers (that i didn't know) and were a closenit group that never swong outside their group.
    well it happened to be that one of them did and had contact ade's with someone that they had s** with outside the group and spread it throught out the group before the found out they were sick. we are talking about 25 to 30 people a shift and there is 2 shifts that were involved for that department so thats about 50 to 60 people. over a 4 year span when i was at another plant there was only 5 of them left the rest were dead and there were a few babys that went with them also.
    so before you jump into the deep end make sure you now the risk, talk it over with your wife make sure she under stands what these risk are. that is just one of the risk that you and your wife have to think about. i'm not in that lifestile but i'm sure jealouseies arise in that lifestile more often then you think or read about.
    i think that swinging and wife swaping arn't as dangerous as playing russianroolet but it is a little more dangerous then riding a motorcicle. in fact it is more in likely just as fun as a bike untill you fall off of it, then it hurts or it kills you like the people i mentioned above. out of the 5 left there was only 1 couple and 3 widows steel alive.
    i think if your wife wants to get her kink on tell her you'll buy her a dog and a small pony, or take her out and have public s** with her or read stories and fantasize. h*** of alot safer for both of you.

  • Don't listen to the naysayers, your wife sounds awesome. My wife and I have an open relationship, and she "dates' several different men. As long as she tells me what she is doing I am fine with it.

  • Maintaining a open line of communication is important between partners. We as well have a open marriage. When either of us travel on business it is understood that with discretion either of us can indulge in extramarital s**. Also my husband loves to arrange for my to meet out of town business men in their hotel or motel rooms for s** which ii find to be very exciting. It is such a turn on to know on my way to their room that in a short while I will be having s** with a total stranger. Another thing we do as a couple is for my husband at a bar always out of town to recruit a business man for me to have s** with him back in his room as my husband watches. S** as a couple whether together or separately can be very exciting & fulfilling for both partners. Oh yes I forgot ! Another thing we enjoy doing as a couple when traveling is to pick up a college hitch hiker & my husband pretends to be a p*** for Hi Class Married & Single Women & will order me to get into the back seat with the college guy & give him head & s**. He will say something like b**** get your w**** ass onto the back seat & you had better make it good for him. Simply said s** is good whether you are a couple or soloing.

  • You and your wife are headed for H***. You need some Jesus in your Sodom and Gomorrah lives. Get your a**** back to the Bible, quit f****** around, and accept Jesus as your personal Savior. Otherwise you are f***** royally.

    To the demons of l*** in you, I say this:


  • The Bible is as false as the Koran. Let's see: a talking donkey, a burning bush, a pregnant virgin, a man living in the belly of a whale for three days. These are fairy tales. I'm assuming your an adult. Grow up, you religious knumbskull. Don't forget to pick up your brain that you left behind as well.

  • Lol sounds like Peeta Griffin!!! 27 year old male....look like I'm 18 anyone interested? Lololol

  • You must be American!

  • You should consider yourself lucky that you married such a hot, successful woman. Now you need to decide if you are going to keep her. It isn't so complicated. Let her find a couple and give the swinging a shot. Try to take pleasure in the pleasure your wife is getting from this and give it your best shot when you're knocking off that trim. If you're not cut out for this sort of thing you're probably not cut out for your wife.

  • If this is all true and you want to stay with your wife you only have 2 options as far as I see it :

    - make something of yourself. Shape up your body and mind. Your hours have been cut back? Use them to work out or study. It will help her see you in a good way and it makes you more confident.

    - go with the swinging. At least that way you have some control over it and get something out of it. Perhaps you're not the looker but she seems to be. That means she gets nice guys to come over and nice guys often have nice girls. So she'll get the women in for you as well. Don't let het start dating on her own.

  • Time to man up and realize this woman does not love you. The fact that you mention divorce makes me think deep down you already know this. Dump her and get on with your life.

  • Actually it is just the opposite, I don't want a divorce. My wife is smart, funny, hotter than h***, and loves s**. She just gets impulsive sometimes. I have had to talk her out of buying real expensive cars and jewelry. Thats why I have agreed to meet the couple she showed me for drinks this Friday. My wife says there will be no s** on this first encounter. After she meets them, I am sure I can change her mind about swinging. Not sure I will post an update, seems some of the people commenting are overly critical.

  • I think you should f*** them all. SHOW THAT C***.

  • Don't let her do it...get a book on CD "the five love languages"....tell her...it's nice that you have changed so much, but i want you to be happy...tell her to move out of the house...AND, don't you dare swing with her....you will need proof that she cheated for the divorce court in some states....

  • right.

  • I think you should grow a pair of b****. That might help you make a decision.

  • "I think you should grow a pair of b****. That might help you make a decision" -I completley agree, no wonder she's giving you an ultimatum. You need to figure out what you want and then decide what you're willing to do for her. Show some b**** and you'll likely quash her passing fancy and reignite herinterest in you. Stop Bull Shidding yourself.

  • You might as well go for it, she is f****** around anyway i know her, and have been f****** her for ages, its because you have a small c***

  • I had just started swinging when I met my new girlfriend, I told her about it on the first date, she said she would like to try it too. Our first outing was a club where she enjoyed two guys and me all at the same time. we still swing ten years later. We both like to see the other lost in an enjoyment of recreational s**, it is fabulous and after a party night we are so close and cannot leave each other alone. We are constantly cuddling kissing and f******. the build up before a party and the come down after is pleasure beyond belief. Wanting to be attractive to other people has made us so aware of our appearance, we are fit, stay on a good diet fashionable and have learnt new social skills. We enjoy regular parties, swinging cruise and top quality five star holidays. We have wealthy friends all around the world whose sexy company we enjoy. Becoming swingers has changed our lives we are never jealous only proud of each other enjoying seeing each other have such enjoyment. swinging is the most exciting of many things we have participated in. If you are secure I recommend it to every one as long as a condom is used. In all our time being swingers and meeting hundreds of similar people we have never known of any person contracting a std. be careful and go for it. I would love to put my name to this posting but there are some nasty people out there.

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