Wife wants to start swinging

My wife Karen , out of the blue says she wants to start swinging. She tends to be very driven, and usually gets what she wants. I asked her why she wants to do that. She tells me she feels it will spice up our relationship, she thought our marriage was getting stale. If I didn’t agree to swinging, then she wants an open marriage. “If you don’t say yes to swinging I have someone I want to date on Friday, “
Karen has changed a lot over the last few years, she is a big time executive at her job, and makes a boat load of money. I am not sure how I even got her to date me let alone marry me. She works out almost everyday, which gives her a killer body, she still has big t*** too, Go figure!
An open marriage wouldn’t work for me, not the lady-killer. While the way she is, and the way she looks, I am sure she would be f****** every weekend.
I asked, “How is this going to work?”
Karen, “I have looked on swinger sites, and I will pick out who we should f***.” I am looking at a black man with a white wife right now. Karen :“I have always wanted a black man.” “I also might want to try the wife too! Since I have been Bi-curious for awhile now.”
I love her very much, not certain I am cut out this though. I also can’t afford to divorce her since my hours have been cut back at work. Should I try it for now, or let her have her open marriage?

Feb 28, 2012

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  • She went the swinging route to try to trick you with the, but you can f*** other women too line. It’s the same as open marriage lie. Hard truth, men loose big times in these relationships. Unless you’re a cuckold then hey enjoy. If you don’t want to be a pathetic looser who holds her purse while she f**** other men move out right now and go file for divorce. She absolutely is cheating and has been doing it enough that she’s scared she is going to get caught and lose everything in a divorce. Sorry buddy but this never ends well for the husband. She will lose all respect she has for you if you let her do this and you are getting a divorce sooner or later. Only thing you can do is divorce her now. In the very rare event she isn’t cheating you may be able to salvage this but most likely she already is. She isn’t going to just risk her marriage like this unless she already knows this is what she wants to do. She knows because she is already cheating. Women can get laid when ever they want, even fat ugly women can. But men can get married when ever they want, even fat ugly ones. Leave her and find someone new. Chances are you will get one even hotter than her. Men get better with age and women just get old.

  • Yep - what this guy says!

  • Loose your job before you start divorce and go for spousal support too... This s*** works both ways and she knows it.... You could also ask her for a post-up before she starts her so called revamp of your marriage which will not work...

    This spice ups the marriage is how women recruit other women into swinging and open marriages it does not work... its a one way ticket to divorce one day down the line

  • She wants out but does not want to loose her cash in a divorce. Man up say no to all and get a PI she will cheat and you can go 30/70 split

  • Agree - she wants to have her cake and eat it too. You will be the dumb ass left paying all the bills, looking after the house and kids, and getting Nothing in return while she is out getting railed by Chad and Tyrone. Men are conditioned to believe the happy wife happy life lie to the point where this crap happens. Don't do it

  • My wife and I have been with one couple we know for many years and it is wonderful. We started soft swap fun and the progressed to full swap fun in a mater of one month we were swapped. It was good for all four of us, we all enjoyed it totally. When we found out our friends had a couple they were with before us we were asked if we would like a 6some during along weekend to try the second couple they knew. We said ok. It was a wonderful long weekend started late Friday afternoon like at 7 PM and we all met at a mountain cabin to get it all on. The new couple was black, and YOUNG like 8 years younger then my wife and I am our original friends. The evening started out with a BBQ in the mountains, and quickly progressed to all 6 of us in bed a separate room. I was with the black lady and my wife was with the black male. Our original friends were like butter flies. They would go from room to room just playing some and feeling up one of us and then enjoy some attention from me or the black lady and it got so heated on one of the room visits we all either e********* or orgasmed. Well it was like a new awakening. My wife loved the extra, and I loved the wonderful strong legs my partner used very wonderfully in bed. She was tight also. We see them in 4some now and love it we still do long weekends with our original friends also. It is a wonderful way to enjoy a marriage sharing and swapping openly. We meet others and do soft s** like self masturbation and mutual masturbation when we meet others that are beginners. Usually we use p*** on the tv to set the mood to get nude with beginners. It lets them feel the rush, and have a new beginning for there s** life also. It is all wonderful to enjoy and be open to doing, s** is so pleasurable, it is for sharing and being open with.

  • She has already been f****** around behind your back dude. She is just trying to cover her tracks.

  • My older wife met a young african guy called Nic at work she kept saying to me i think he wants to take me to bed so i said i dare you thats all she needed to hear one friday night she went for a drink after work with friends Nic turned up and i got a text from Jan my wife saying she was staying over night with her friend. Next evening as we were in bed she told me she stayed at Nics. I was shocked then she went into great detail of how he f***** her no condom she said he creampied her 4 times then stuck his c*** up her bum shes been meeting him once a week comes home full with his s**** she loves it

  • And what do you get out of this? Sloppy seconds? Are you banging a tight 21 yo yoga teacher? No. You are no longer the number one in her life - you're way down the ladder - she has no respect for you anymore. Your now her pet.

  • My 55 year old wife got creampied by young kenyan guy she loved it

  • I think you should encourage her to f*** more men if that is what she wants.

  • No!

  • Ultimatums are bullshit. Send the b**** on her way.

  • Yes! Bet you she is already doing it with him.

  • You chose badly. Cut your losses and run like h***!

  • Go for it ! Almost all wives want to try swapping or swinging as it is known. Additionally all wives fantasize about having s** with a black man. Trust me variety is the spice of life.

  • Sounds so yummy

  • No - they really don't.

  • Yes it will be fun

  • Your wife Karen has already been getting f***** by other guys before she even brought up the idea of swinging to you. She just wants to alleviate her guilt by convincing you that it is your idea that she can s**** other guys.

    If she is a powerful executive with a hot body (and h**** in addition), chances are that the guys at work are begging to slip between her thighs, and she's probably letting them. This is already well out of the realm of your control, but perhaps you can get some good new p**** on the side to make you feel better about things.

  • She may have climbed the ladder on her back man get out

  • I disagree ! I never cheated on my husband before we swapped.

  • Only 1% of open.swinger marriages work and that's normally due to an imbalance in emotional connection between the partners. I am a Evolutionary Phycologist working with the US family court system. I deal with swinger/open marriage wreckage all the time... It's the kids I feel sorry for.

  • We were swingers for many years until my wife grew tired of the lifestyle. But she said that we still have an open marriage and that I could continue to see other women, couples and men if I wanted. I have been happily married for48 years in August. Our marriage is stronger than it’s ever been.
    I am 70 and she is 68 and she is thinking of getting back in the lifestyle, which couldn’t make me more happy. We are going over seas in September, and she is thinking of going to one of the swingers clubs there or live, participating s** show. So I guess that we are in that 1% that that one comment mentioned. Our s** together is the greatest that it’s ever been and our s** outside our marriage has been great.

  • I can see that this response is new, so Niki you seem to be looking to this screen and seeing the messages, I dont know if there is a possibility to send directly to you a post, or email through here but I am interested in chatting with you "Niki".

    I and my husband have been thinking about this but never gone all the way. Is there anything we should be specially aware of?

    I am so curious, but at the same time I am so afraid, I have only been with him, and I am now 35 years old, and though I love him I am regretting getting into a relationship at 16 years and he agrees. We have discussed this LS and it is interesting, but I am also so afraid to let him be with others, kind of dont want to share him haha, I know that is selfish, but it is how I feel. Is this normal or is that just something I get over. I sometimes think we should just get a separation for a year and do what we want and the get back together :D. Quite dumb I know, and not realistic, I am just so afraid of swapping and then be focused on him. Any advise for me, Niki?

  • There is a lot to be aware of.... Less than 2% of marriage service more than 5 years. Usually the husband if all for it until she sees his wife int he act or she starts to cut him off. Most men as average size but also think they are small the first time you have someone larger your issues will start. The thing is you will not know it (this is a man thing). There is a whole evolutionary history behind what you plan to do and it is playing with fire that's is why mankind moved away form it as a part of our evolution away form the (so called) animal state. STDs pregnancy, imbalance in partners are all ignition points...So

    Get a pre-nup in place... Sit and talk and talk and talk then make a set of rules clearly stating what is and what is not acceptable to you both....

    I would recommend never have the same partner twice of have an affair even a short one.

    Niki sounds like the typical swinger/open marriage wife... I wonder what her husband would say if you spoke to him away from her with no way of her knowing he spoke to you. Our University is working on on this behalf go the government and we have found that the swinger/open marriage lifestyle is female led and even the most enthusiastic male has reservations and do not expect the marriage to last (we have bind interviewed 1000's of couples, singles and divorcees and deal with many of the divorce cases where mandatory counselling is ordered.

    One thing to look out for is kids no matter what from 1 to 50 they are devastated by divorce of parents. In cheating and open marriage cases the mother's relationship seems to be the one that gets damaged... Not sure why the mother and not the father or both?

    Think long, think hard and live in love

  • I am the male in the marriage and I was the one who encouraged my wife to get into swinging. At first my wife was hesitant but after a few parties, she loved it for many, many years. Then she grew tired of the lifestyle but said that we still had an open marriage. As stated before, we have been married for 48 years in August and our marriage couldn’t be stronger. So I disagree with this University study as the people that I talked to at the swingers clubs is that the male was the one who suggested swinging and the wife would finally give in.

  • Don't waste time. Get it over with

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  • OP- Some of you need to read my other confession.St. Pattys Day Date I Had not looked at this site in years. A quick update, we took the trip with Ben and Jody, well I did not know this at the time, but Ben had impregnated them both on the trip, I was wearing condoms the whole time so I knew it wasn't mine. We actually quit seeing them right after that, so the swinging stop. Luckily ? Karen had a miscarriage. I told my wife we needed to start just us being a couple again. That worked about 6 months, she came to me one day and told me she had started seeing a guy at work, and that she wanted an open marriage again. I told her no, and wanted a divorce instead. She said fine. I didn't move out right away, but sometimes I would come home, and she would be f****** the guy, who was also black. The day i moved out, i found out she was 3 months pregnant. That was almost 5 years ago. She married the dude, and they have twin girls. One rumor is the husband shares her with his friends, and that she gets gang banged all the time. I did great in the settlement, and have been doing OK the last 5 years. My current GF is hot, though she is an Ex - stripper. She now works at a car dealership.

  • Wow, you have really been through a lot with your ex wife. Hope all works out for you now.

  • In 2000 I suggested to my husband since he was never going to forgive any thing or any one for the way we had him treated after he discharged from the Navy with a honorable discharge. All I had done until then was I did have one affair while he was Underwater for three and a half years out of pure lonlyness after our marriage a year and a half before. then when he returned two years latter things were just such a disruption with his nine years seniority and more than sixty percent of the UAW plat he was retuning from his military leave to. I was trying to keep him from being more disruptive than nearly 160 other Military returnees had been the last year.

    It turned into trying to keep him from being a disruptive person in the community doing just as he pleased Taking summer vacations that were needed by families with school aged kids or when there was tradition conflicts. Plans others had hopes for Such as the milliniall holiday Even though I spent it in Bavaria with his family and came back after hearing of the trouble he was causing because his seniority rights were ignored forcing him to stay.

    I had made a plan to take him out for his Birthday the day we flew in, Then the next two days celebrate the Christmas and New year holiday like he had been deployed and was coming home right after the holidays. Then to replace the time I spent in Germany Go to a B and B, 4 Hours to the North Over looking the straights of Makinack Hoping he would consider it a fair exchange for being made to work the millinialls out of a jail cell. After the Insulting way we returned on his birthday. and he would not take the Local unions suggestion and offer to make up the Milliniall holiday when he had a right to it by seniority of 24 years to those with less than three. giving him full holiday pay and not making him take a hit on his vacation or personal time he had coming.

    We had to meet him at four the next morning when he came home and ask him why he would not even try.

  • There is no one lower than a spouse who cheats whilst there partner is serving the country be ashamed

  • Hey if she cant get eonough at home, why not let other hard c**** help? if a guy f**** other women , he is a stud, but if a woman f**** another man she is a s***, by my standards she is a hot wife and is to be exhalted for that.

  • Men being studs and men about town is a myth there are three types of heterosexual men. 42% of heterosexual men will never have children for ion reason or another the remainder are split 90/10 with 90% home maker dads who have limited sexual partners and 10% players who are opportunist cuckoos who try to get married women pregnant. This is a typical breeding strategy in the ape family. Why the was around 27% of children are the result of cuckoo encounters and hubby does not know/ Oh its call parental fraud and women in the UK can be jailed for it.

    Women should think very seriously before they walk that road. Nature has not been kind to the female human. She can get pregnant any time remember there is no 100% effective contraception, the rhythm method is not reliable, sperm has a way of getting the job done and this is a marriage killer if its not hubby's, she can catch and carry STDs not not know it by the way at least one cancer is an STD and highly infectious... We are still researching this one.

  • Who in the fu%% would take that from any woman? Are you a puzzy? Grow a pair of b**** and drop her. She is a pig and has zero respect for you.

    What is it with some of you guys? Do you have any shame or pride?

    I don't care how much I loved someone if they came to me with that nonsense I'd throw them out the door. Physically!

  • Tell her no, and focus on your marriage like a real woman. Honestly dude if she does this and she is going to do it anyway what does that say about your relationship...what does that say about u if u just go along with it? You have options... work on your marriage if it really means a damn (otherwise what is the point in being married). By the sounds of it she hs no respect for u or your marriage if she doesnt care how u feel about it. Either be a man and say no. U are going to sit there and be a b**** so she can pay your rent? Cmon bro... have u no self esteem? If u care that much about money than Let her sleep with others and then collect your alimony, from her betraying the marriage.

    Honestly dude, why do u want to be with someone who doesn't love u? A complete dirt-bag on top of that.
    If she truly cared about u she wouldnt put u in thi position.

    F×ck her dude.

  • I guess that trophy wife is just a s****. dont worry beta cuck , she will have you getting breed in no time.

  • Trust me a woman will swing behind your back anyway. nothing you can do but go along for the ride. At least you can meat some new friends .

  • My parents are swingers and my mom's name is Karen as well lol. I found out one night when I was 14. I came home early from a friends place and I opened the door and saw my mom and dad having s** with another couple. I turned around and walked out. i came home 2 hours later. my mom and dad talked to me about it with was a little weird. they said they been doing it since I was about 5. well now I know why I always stay at my grandparents on Friday nights lol. at first I found it wired but got use to it. ever since I found out they don't hide it from me they would never have s** in front of me but they do kiss and cuddle and hold hand with others around me. when ever they have friends over they tell me to go in the basement and put headphones on lol

  • That is abuse mate

  • Why do I want to watch the busty wife get nailed ?

  • You are an idiot

  • Cause it is awesome, and it is is incredible to see wife get nailed by another c***.

  • Love to watch my wife get banged by a big c***. Still waiting for this day to c**

  • I audio tape the wife beating off, its really hot!!!!!

  • Kick the s*** out

  • Your marriage will be a lot better if you do. I was like you but I eventually changed and I loved watching her with another ma. I think you will too. She is not property but her own person. Wise up.

  • Watching me with other men is a major turn on for my husband.

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