You reap what you sow

I was a constant poster on Truu, almost since the beginning. So many users had complaints about the mod because she was constantly making mistakes. Instead of fixing the problem, she spoke condescendingly to the users and was very passive-aggressive. She gradually got worse. I emailed all of the companies that paid them for advertising space and told them to look for themselves at whats going on (with links to certain offenses). Since the mod and the owner didn't care about out complaints, I figured the ones who filled their pockets would. I was right. Who wants to pay for advertising space on a site that treats it's users like that? It reflects back on those companies. If any place treated people badly, I wouldn't buy things from any company that affiliated with them. Don't be mad at me, be mad at the people who are on a power trip that don't know how to do their jobs. Mess with the bull, you get the horns. They had many chances and chose not to take them.

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  • Are you the one was all upset that truu wouldn't post negative feedback about itself? Have you ever seen a website or business post negative feedback? Most companies on facebook go through and delete everything uncomplimentary. It's not your right to say whatever you want, the site is moderated. They have a big disclaimer that says your post may not be approved.
    That same post mentioned that momothree/Romi had been snarky to you. Ever stop to think that if both the mod, the owner and the other users have been snarky to you that maybe everyone else isn't the problem? Maybe it's just you?

  • Cute power play, but useless. Truu has an advertising network, the companies pay to be a part of it, the adds that come up on truu are mostly random and the companies have no idea where their adds are. Truu still seems to have tons of traffic, and part of that might be thanks to the mod for playing what sounds like a character on the site (some people like watching others be mean to others, look at American idol). From what little I've seen of that site, I'd almost think the point was to show off how catty everyone can be. So long as the site is getting traffic, the advertisers aren't going to give a damn whether or not the content is offensive to one user on a massive site. Each add probably only spends a week on the site, all that matters to them is they got noticed.

  • I used to be a mod on truu. The owner has been trying to sell the site for over a year, every month we were told she might close, then one day she decided to cut all the mods and go unmoderated. The current mod is a volunteer who said she would stick with truu until the site closed or sold. I'm sure she's been told every month her services won't be needed, meanwhile if something happens on the site and users complain she can't do anything about it because she is truu's only "employee." Romi doesn't have time to help out. I've seen some of the crap users have been complaining about. Disappearing confessions or posts not going through, if truu is anything like it was when I was moderating, the back end is a mess. IF you can find legitimate confessions between the spam that the site didn't eat you're lucky. Worse, she can't even explain why they can't take on new mods or fix stuff because it would make the site look worse to potential buyers. She's been a scapegoat since day one, and you my friend are an ass. How she's kept the site running somewhat smoothly day to day with absolutely NO support, while being attacked for things out of her control, I don't know. But if it wasn't for her the site would have closed the day after it went unmoderated.

  • Oh, come on, OP. If you're not a troll, then you didn't do this out of some noble sense of wanting to punish the mods for the perceived injustices you saw toward some users. You did it because you yourself are on a power trip, and probably one of the whiners for whom the mods could do nothing right. Whatever. If this is for real, thanks a lot douchecanoe. If you're a troll, move along now. :)

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