Inadequate husband

I have a small d***. It's 5 inches hard. 3 weeks ago my wife said she wanted to tell me something but was unsure how I would take it. I told her to just say it. I wouldn't be mad. She said that she wanted to have s** with someone with a bigger d***. I told her not to worry because I wasnt mad at all. I asked if she had someone in mind. She said one of her very good friends that comes over to hang out once or twice a week. I asked how she would know if he was hung. She said they went to the ymca to work out and he was wearing shorts that she could make out an image of his c***. They went to the steam room. She had on a towel and he had on those shorts. He sat with his legs shoulder width apart and his c*** almost hung out the leg.

Nov 18, 2014

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  • I think of my ex sometimes, (he was large) but I wouldn't hurt my current boyfriend like that.

  • Man you arent that small. Average size in us is 5.5. If you ask me she just trying to find a way to mess around with her friend while still being with you and you being ok with it.

  • Yeah man the average d*** size is about 5.5 inches. Dont fret, you married for love not just s**. She should be happy with you. Just because she likes them bigger dosnt mean she should do it. If you let her thats you and i wont judge a lot of people do it. I am sorry but i think shes just doing that to get a chance to mess around with her friend.

  • I would get my b****** enlarge if that's what he really liked as long as he paid for it.
    and if he wants to continue having s** then I want to be pleased to not just him

  • I'm sure glad I didn't marry someone like you.

  • Wow ladies, Im sure it would go over well with you if your man said your b****** were too small/saggy/big/floppy/ugly so I want to sleep with someone else. Get a grip. You married him for more than just his c***. Stop being so selfish.

    Dude, get rid of her.

  • Wow even though I want to be with another man I wouldn't be comfortable with my husband right there

  • Well she has f***** him several times now. I have only seen anything happen once. They were on the couch and I was in a chair. We were watching a movie. It was one I have been dying to see. She had been beyond h**** all day. Well a part reminded me of something and I turned to say something to her. He was at one end of the couch with one leg on and one leg off laying the length of it. He had a blanket covering himself. All I could see of her was her panties and legs sticking out of the blanket. She had been sucking his d*** and I didn't pay attention. I tried watching the movie but was too h**** to concentrate. I looked over 20 minutes later. She was sitting in his lap facing the same way he was. I could see he was naked and so was she. Cover was trying to cover them but not working. Eventually she just up and said, "Let's go back in the bedroom and you can f*** me there."

  • Well that nice of you your wife will be a lot more happier now. When i told ny husband that he looked up on the internet ways to make his p**** longer lol and everytime we have s** i walk away more frustrated than what I was and he wonder why I have a bad attitude.

  • I think too many men are too wrapped up in jealousy. If you please your gf or wife then that's cool but I have the kind of relationship with mine that she can just say that she wants to f*** someone with a bigger d***. Her friend was over a couple weeks ago. We were just watching tv and my wife said, "I'm h****." Her friend said, "I guess that's my queue to leave." She said, "What if I wanna take you for a spin?" He said, "Don't even joke like that. If you weren't married I totally would." They were sitting side by side. She reached over and grabbed his c***. He said, "Quit playing. I don't wanna get my ass kicked by Jim." She said, "Jim wants me to f*** you, don't you baby?" I said, "She seems to think you can satisfy her." He said, "So this is for real? You don't mind?" I said, "I wanna see her happy. I say give it a shot." My wife already had his c*** out and was sucking it before I could finish the sentence. She has f***** him 5 times since we first talked about it.

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