I laughed so hard at these first few phaagraprs. although, I already knew the story, it is so funny to read you retell it and to picture you in that moment. As far as confessing goes, I really believe that if we had a confessional time in church with one another or our small groups, many less people would be held in bondage. Yes, it would be very difficult as I've held secrets in for years but we must set the example of brokeness in our relationships so that others can feel the freedom to be themselves and share honestly. A friend told me this morning that she admired me for how positive I have been through this whole injury and that my blog is inspiring b/c of that. I had to let her know that even though I do find the humor in it and I do see the positive side, there have also been many moments of darkness where I have sulked and taken my anger out on my family. I have been fearful and depressed. So, I think just talking those things out with people is a first step. Thanks for this post. I love reading the well of wisdom that is hidden in your spirit. Not to make you prideful, but it is very humbling, convicting and inspiring to read the words that are imprinted in your heart.

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