I'm not stupid....

I know you talk to heaps of girls, i know you say the exact same things to them all. You go out of your way to find them on fb trying to strike up convos with randoms whenever u get a response.
Is it because it makes you feel good about yourself to get attention from girls or you're just hoping to find another f*** buddy or at least someone to send u naughty pictures...i don't understand how u can do it when you love someone so much...
All these girls u talk about or have pictures of, u say too much i've put 2 and 2 together a lot & worked out who they are...i know they had bfs and who they were to you or they weren't just a root they were ur ex-gf (y not just say).
You can send <3's, i'll prob send them back coz honestly you do have a bit of it, it's cute and all but i don't think i'll ever take it seriously, even if for some strange reason you actually mean it (why anyone would i'll never know, there's more to me than you'll ever work out)...prove i like you, ha i don't have to prove anything to you i've said everything i feel and you made me feel stupid for doing it, if anything it's the other way round you should be proving it. Our relationships are f*****....yours she seems quite content with how it is, i doubt she'll change.
If somehow something happened i doubt we'd work, i don't think i could trust you fully and you might not trust me either.
If i could turn it back i'd rather just be amazing friends that share everything...that's all i really want, someone i can talk to about everything, sometimes you make me feel that way other times i just feel used...
You lie to me now or just extend the truth, I don't see the point, why not just be honest instead. What is there to gain from it, why not just answer questions truthfully....i'm not stupid....
I like you too much, even with all of that, everything else about you is amazing it's just that one small part that scares me. Sometimes i hate that you can make me feel so special but i know i'm not the only one...this sucks, i just want one person in my life i can rely on. Is that too much to ask?.... x

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  • forget him. you'll find someone better. he's a loser and will end up alone.

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