I feel so guilty

I am 23 years old with a wife and 2 kids. I feel shameful but I have to come clean. I want to have an affair with my neighbors daughter. The second issue; she's 14. She babysits the kids when my wife and I go out. And every time I talk to her and get to know here a little more, I fall that much deeply in love with her. I think she has the same feelings for me. I want to wait till shes 18, then divorce my wife and marry her. I hate myself for this. I truly do. And if it goes on, well I'm afraid to think what will happen to me.

And I've thought of telling her, but what if she tells her friends? her parents? my wife? I don't know what to do.

Mar 17, 2012

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  • Hi there,
    I know you feel ashamed because we can't control our feelings sometimes and everyone does at some point. Me too sometimes actually. I want to commend on not acting on these affections very suddenly. But I have to say that it's terrible for your wife. I want you to ask yourself if you would still like this girl when she's your wifes age. You can be in love with her being young and naive, but whether you like it or not, she will eventually grow. It is not healthy to view her as you view her now, which is why you need to ask yourself that. You cant see it, but she has her personality emotions(sadness,anger,stubborn) that make her human and that she is not just some perfect girl who will make you happy forever.
    Think about that, but don't fret your mistake,ok? A councilor can bette rexplain this, but just know that you married your wife for a reason. She completed you and now your seeking someone else because you feel incomplete. I need you to consider this also, and I believe you will find out something more about yourself.
    Its time for you to make your life more complete, friend so this nasty guilt and little crush can get a move on! And you'll be a better man, too once you find out that yourlife is beautiful already:) Got it?

  • why wait til she's 18 to divorce your wife? Divorce the poor woman NOW so she can go and be happy and find someone who will love her. Don't be so f****** selfish.

  • Please think about what you are doing. The girl is only 14. She is just a child and doesn't know the first thing about being "in Love" This will be a passing fetish in her life and she will will not look at you the same when she is 18 or 20. Let it go and make the best life with you wife and kids. You won't regret it.

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