I Got Even With One Of My Troublemaker Students

I'm a young female teacher everybody says looks too nice to be a b****. I do look sort of innocent, and I'm told I'm very pretty, but I have the payback b**** inside of me.

Here's what I mean. A month ago a male student put a tack under my chair and I sat on it. When I found out who did it, I took him to the Principals Office and he got kicked out of school for a week.

Now some teachers would have been satisfied with that. Not me. I talked to my younger brothers, who took a different path in life than me and got into a lot of trouble, and asked them to kick the s*** out of that male student and break one of his arms to teach him a school of hard knocks lesson.

Long story short, they caught the kid when it was dark outside, and they had masks on, like a robbery, and they kicked the kid's ass and broke his left arm. I loved it.

Sure, maybe it was wrong, but that little s*** had it coming and gosh it felt so good when I got the news. It felt even better when I saw that little s*** with a sling on his arm when he came back to school, lol.

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  • I sometimes want to get some kids to beat my two middle boys up. They think they r tuff and try to steam roll over everyone in the house but I dont put up with it. If they were 18 I would just beat their a**** my self just like anybody else that would rush me, just to teach them a lesson.

  • I know it's not easy being a Teacher these days, but damn that's f***** up!

  • I love you.

  • Beautiful! I teach lazy s**** who don't pay attention and always act up in class. Boy would I love to have somebody break their arms. I'd even pay to have it done. You have inspired me, and I know some tough guys from my old neighborhood who are out of work and would appreciate some easy cash. I'm going to get in touch with them and make this happen. Thanks for the idea.

  • Who the h*** does this? It sounds like that kid was a minor as well. I have a feeling word is going to leak out on what you did. Then you will get yours. H*** maybe his mother and father will kick your ass. At the very least you will be fired and sent to jail for assualting a MINOR. Have a nice trip to jail and kiss your teaching liscence goodbye.

  • insensitive ugly b**** !!

    you just proved yourself a failure as a teacher.

    get some mental help.

  • what the h*** is wrong with you

    imagine, just walking around and a band of people just start jumping you and broke your g******* arm that would hurt so bad, and imagine how scared that boy must have been.

    Your an adult and he was the child. A broken arm over a tack. Your truly crazy and pathetic and anyone else who agress with you.

    People like you deserve the worst.

  • im amazed. one of my classmates did that to a teacher and because im all of my teachers pets she told me what she wanted to do to him. if i knew who you are, i wouldn't care id hug you or give you a meddle or something. little s*** students deserve this. u r awesome teacher, and by the sounds of pretty, you datin. 18 soon

  • I'm a student at high school. You have absolutely NO IDEA how much respect I have for you right now. If I find out who you are, I would go up to you and give you a hug.

  • i agree with both sides he was being an a****** and he deserved something, but to have your brother jump the kid and beat the crap out him. little harsh?

  • I think you're full of horseshit.


  • I think you're full of horseshit.


  • WELL U LET UR ANGER GET THE BETTER OF U, UT WHAT u have done is wrong...seriously wrong and u shouldn't have done it, what made you do that, ur his teacher and u should be a role model and what kind of message does that send to other students that u chose the path of revenge

  • he could sue u and ur brothers. that is kinda mean for a stupid f***** tack grow the f*** up . how do u live wit yo self knowing what u did. knowing god knows wht u did... just wow. worst confession ever.. and u put it on the internet wht if the kid came on this site saw this? an then he would hav proof an be able to sue ur ass . u should feel like a d*** head

  • Good for you! Kids today are rotten, spoiled, useless wastes of space. Their parents molly coddle them and cater to their every whim and want. Im glad you found a way to take that little puke down a notch.
    I applaud you.

  • WHAT THE F***! For a f****** TACK!


    This world is full of evil people. =(

  • I truly wish I had the b**** to do this to some of my students. You are an inspiration. If I ran the world, you would win the teacher of the millennium award.

  • Dude. This is a bit far fetched. Beating the crap out of him was not the answer, just because you got your feelings hurt because you sat on a TACK, doesnt mean you should go ahead and break an arm.

    I think you're a butthurt baby, no pun intended.

  • what a sweet heart warming story,next time have them make him watch his fat ass mom get raped in her ass and then whisper ur name to him{he cant prove it}thanks 4 making my smile

  • Right on!!! This is exactly what we need more of, vigilante justice in the schools by take no s*** teachers instead of wimp teachers who are afraid to discipline lowlife scumbags who only take up space and interfere with the teaching and learning.

    As God is my witness, I guarantee you if more teachers had the b**** this heroic teacher does, these social misfits would be too scared to s**** with teachers or other students. And all those home schooled kids, who dropped out of public schools because of the dangers, would come back to safe public schools, thanks to teachers with the courage to insure trouble making scumbags got the long overdue beat downs they deserve.

  • I like this. That f****** kid was a troublemaker who got what he deserved. If he f**** with you again, you should have your brothers kick in his teeth and break his legs. That would teach that f***** a lesson he wouldn't forget!

    And I'm sick and tired of no discipline in the schools. These f****** brats need the s*** kicked out of them to adjust their bad attitudes and teach them some old school respect for authority! I say bravo to you!!

  • Good for you. F*** these little s**** these days. They need to be taught a proper lesson. You probably saved him from jail or murder down the road.

  • Young? B****? Is that how you excuse yourself? And you're a teacher? LOL! You and your dumbass brother are really f***** up. Trying to justify your actions.. You're a giant piece of s***, an immature bully. You are actually worse then the kid YOU think did something so wrong to you. You have no integrity and should be ashamed of your vindictive actions. Not only are you not cut out to be a teacher, you shouldn't be anywhere around kids. You have more issues you need to look at. Grow the f*** up.

  • Agreed. Why all the approving comments? This is just awful!

    How can these people even live with themselves? Would you like it if this happened to your kid?

    And I don't even have a kid! And I hate a*******! But this is way too much! Beating a kid and breaking his arm because of a stupid thing he did, like a tack? Don't you have a f****** HEART?

  • You are a sick vendictive b****. What you had done to him is totally not proportionate to what he did to you.

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