I'm An Evil Wing-girl

I have a group of rowdy jock types as friends. If you're in the group, you're safe. These guys are solid, they'd back you up even if you picked a fight with a bunch of chainsaw weilding ninjas.
We go out a lot, sometimes they spot her, or I do... But EVERY bar has one: The Attention W**** W****. You know the one, dressed like a prostitute with bleached hair and a ton of makeup. She walks around like shes gods gift to men and better than all the chicks in the bar combined.
Well, these chicks NEVER turn down a free drink. So the guys will send her a drink and try to get her to the table, and since I'm there, it appears to be safe. A tablefull of rowdy lacrosse dudes is trouble... But if there is a girl with the group, its not as much of a threat.
Then the drinks start flowing, sometimes the w**** will get leery of all the free booze. So I get her a couple drinks, the girl thing again; girls are safe, remember?
Well, by the end of the night shes good to go. They never force her or anything. But they invite her back to whereever (hotel, frat house, some guys condo) for more drinks ("like, yay, more free booze!" *giggle, toss bleached hair*) These stupid b****** will do pretty much anything. I've seen the fellas run railroads on them for upwards of an hour and the chick thinks shes the hottest thing on earth. Its disgusting to see what a drunk s*** will do in a room full of guys just to get attention.
Once the booze starts wearing off and the s**** of the night realizes we're sitting there blatently insulting her to her face (we have a game to see how long she'll stay when the guys are done using her and start cutting her down.) The b**** usually leaves in tears.
The boys have told me that Im evil for selling out or setting up my own kind. Well, THAT isnt my kind. I hate being lumped in with those kinds of s***. So yeah, any chance I get to serve some stupid s*** up for the team, I do.

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  • No, YOU are gods gift to man! Great! What are all these people on? The dumb blonde b**** gets a good life lesson. The guys get a good f******, and she gets to enjoy and know that she hopefully taught a dumb b**** a good lesson. The guys are not selling her out, I can assure you that. She's solid in the group you can bet on it.

  • Wow, you're an evil witch. :-S

  • They just basically called u a dumb slutty b**** since they feel you are "selling out or setting up my own kind". Wonder how long before they find someone else of "your kind" to set you up...?

  • That's awful. Just because she's a stupid dumb s*** doesn't mean you should just feed her to the wolves. If anything, you should talk to her and be like, "Hey ya dumb b****, stop being a w**** or you will get aids and die. Go get a job, a boyfriend, and have a normal life." These poor b****** are going to be ruined.

  • Better hope you never run into Captain Jack Sparrow you will be the one getting f*****! LOL

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