Why is everybody trying to copy

Why is everybody trying to copy SiteShrink. It's bad enough that SiteShrink spreads all of this f****** sound advice to these idiot morons who post to this site but now there's a FemaleSiteShrink. And her b**** ass advice sucks. That's why women should shut up and stay either in the kitchen or the bedroom. Stick to spreading your legs or spreading the table. God saw fit to put men in charge for a reason. Women f***** up the garden of eden and now they want to f*** up our society by trying to give freaking advice. Death to all of the SiteShrinks or atleast stop posting on this site.

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  • Get off my internet!

  • women are what make this world go round.If there werent women,your ass would be complaining that there needed to be women,so shut the f*** up! And as for the female SiteShrink,maybe her advice sucks,but that has nothing to do with her being a female.
    So F*** OFF LOSER AND GO J******* TO YOUR P***** SINCE YOU CANT GET REAL P****!!!!


  • dude Im with you, as though K need to hear internet dr.lauras

  • this is the best f****** advice women can get!!!! if only they would listen, life would be soooo good

  • Oh, so in your opinion this site shouldn't exist at all. Well, its easy. Delete it from your bookmarks and f*** off for good.

    Best of luck!

  • First of all women are not smarter than men, nor are men smarter than women. There has been countless studies that claim to prove both but intellegence is an individual thing. But to the commenter that's what this site is all about, people posting confessions and people with the right to reply with any advice they want. Just as this poster has the right ot feel how he feel towards women and the SiteShrinks(LOL). Really though dude some of the stuff you said I believe you would only say over an anonymous website and not in person or in public so whatever.


  • My my.
    I hope that this was a person kidding.
    If not. I hope that one day you'll see the truth that we're smarter as a gender then you could ever be.
    Haa. And jack ass. If you don't believe me. Please search it.
    Oh and. :]
    If you can't see that for yourself, which I truly hope will happen.
    Please don't breed.

  • What the f***, did I post this in my sleep? It sounds exactly like me but I don't remember posting this. Har.

  • I was f****** jay kay.

  • to the 6th poster--you are a woman, and you seriously feel this way?

  • Meh. The last commenter is probably a w****.

  • I agree.
    And you know what, I say women should stay in the kitchen or the bedroom all the time. And I was going to say that about her.
    I'm a girl by the way, so I'm allowed to say that s***. Don't f****** jump down my throat unless it's with a p**** in the bedroom.

  • you obviously don't get f***** - and there's reasons for that!

  • you are the ultimate idiot moron

  • Poster, don't rant to us because you can't get laid.

    Go get a life. My advice to you is to stay off the computer for awhile. You sound like you need help. In the form of medication, and a social life.

  • Ignorant fool.

  • Dude, whatever merit your argument may have had is lost when you go on like that.

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