I'm the confused one

I don't see why it's such a big problem to talk about LGBT stuff on here while a lot of others talk about different s** stuff and how attracted they are to their family members. I am not judging them or posting any hate on their posts either because that is disrespectful and it doesn't matter to me what opinion on it I have when I can't help or say anything nice.
I am sorry if you think I am a attention seeker because that was never my intention and I didn't write it because I wanted validation and attention.
I just hoped I could get some advice and opinions on my problem.
I am young and I believe it's normal to be trying to find myself at such a young age. But society force this ideal image on everyone.
So I am not happy about getting hateful comments but you can do what you can. I am taking it so I can get some advice.
If you don't care don't read. It's your free choice.


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  • Just kill yourself for the sake of all that is right in this world.

  • You are a sexual pervert , like every other LGBTQ+ is . Before we know it , paedophiles will be marching and demanding their "rights" too . Then it will be LGBTQP+ . Male and female is natural , everything else is a perversion .

  • The only thing I’m confused about is this posting. What are you talking about? Plenty of gay stuff on here. The problem is that most of the postings are by the same people who are either into incest, b**********, and child abuse. You’re just being drowned out by it all.

  • No it just thinks it's better than all the other gay people

  • All gay people need to be put in a wood chipper. Head first.

  • The only thing you can get here is advice. And this is my advice. You are confused about who are. Then you need to talk with the pro's. Start with a therapist and go from there. You can find them at free clinics if you can't pay or your parents won't send you to them. One thing I can state is Don't let society or people around you tell you who you are. Therapist's don't tell you, they help you understand who you are and then you will know who you are. Hope this helps and good luck

  • Just enjoy like there are always unhappy folks, they thrive on failure and will ill will to others. You can tell since they always make those personal attacks about others. Always ignorant about things so they get personal.

  • Yes, there are some idiots still living in the 1950s. Why do you care so much about them? There are many people here who are either LGBT or supportive, why are you ignoring them? For the drama factor? That's just rude on top of being immature.

    What you really, REALLY can't handle is clear-sighted people not worshipping you for thinking you're braver or more special than you really are. That's not going to change, no matter how many whiny screeds you put up on this sorry site.

  • Of course there are many LGBT people on here. It's a veritable Carnival of Menral Illness.

  • I am not ignoring the LGBT supportive people. I am not trying to cause any drama. And I am certainly not trying to seem braver or more special.
    If you can't read I actually took time to apologize and explain myself.
    It wasn't meant to be hateful in any way.
    The only reason I posted this is because wanted to address the problem.
    I am sorry if it came over as a attention seeking post. It wasn't why I posted this or the earlier post.

  • Wrong. You have an unhealthy obsession with being seen as the only person who's right. People who cannot deal with other perspectives react by "explaining" and "explaining" and "explaining" which is an indication that what they need to do a lot more of is "listen"! Too bad you're too afraid to try.

    You absolutely refuse to let it lie until every single person here agrees that you are the most reasonable and non-offensive good little whatever you are in the world. This is not just delusional, but also offensive to witness. Repeatedly screeching for validation is not a good look.

    Prove me right by putting up yet another petulant post whining about everyone who doesn't agree with super-special little you. We're all waiting with bated breath to hear how we "just don't understand" yet again, especially your increasingly distant allies.

  • Wrong. You have an unhealthy obsession with being seen as the only person who's right. People who cannot deal with other perspectives react by "explaining" and "explaining" and "explaining" which is an indication that what they need to do a lot more of is "listen"! Too bad you're too afraid to try.
    This sounds like ecactly what YOU are doing. Leave this person alone. Life sucks when you are young and confused. Telling someone all that rude crap just shows you need to grow some compassion. Live and let live, for crying out loud!

  • Your dealing with a right-fighter here,,look it up. They are never wrong

  • If you say so, pedophile.

  • Yeah right because that's the reason I posted it. I don't have to be always right. And I am certainly not super-special. I posted this thing not just because of me but other people getting the same comment. I'm sorry you can't understand that someone is actually thoughtful and not trying to be right. They say that often people see the mistakes they have in others and the other person doesn't have to have them.

    So maybe that's what you're doing. Responding to me like I am the most stupid, whiny and who knows what else. And when I respond as nicely as possible you get angry once again.

    And I never said "you don't understand". I said people can be rude and by that I mean the way they post often not the opinion they have.

  • Hey, buddy, it's okay to be confused about this. I'm not sure where you are in your story, but I found out that I was exclusively gay (not just bi) last Christmas. It's been a weird ride since, but I've been grateful for all the support from my friends and siblings. I've even read a couple books on how to be both gay and a Christian. If you need advice, and think I can help, we can talk in the comments.

  • Hi, thanks for the support. I don't know how you feel about being transgender or if you could help with that.

  • We can certainly talk. I don't know much about being transgender though. I was born male, and while I am generally ranked as more feminine in most psychological tests, I still identify as a man. One thing I can say is I don't appreciate how many non-gender related traits have become gendered in our society. Loving pink and telling my male friends I love them should not be considered out of gender for a man.

  • Ok I get it. But as you are a gay man (not trying to be offensive or anything) could you give me some perspective how it feels to be a guy and gay?
    I'm not gendering colours I just know when I was younger I didn't like pink because everyone said it's for girls. Like I just hated the things when they would mark me as a girl in the eyes of society.
    In my opinion loving pink is fine. Whether you are male or female. It's a colour after all.

  • It feels like i'm oddly comfortable around men and women. Women, because they know I'm not out for s**. Men, because society expects us to goof around with each other anyway. Most of the time, being gay doesn't do a lot, but suddenly I'll fall head over heels for a guy. Another thing, is it's a little lonelier. I want a husband badly, but gay relationships are rarer than straight ones. I need to put more effort into finding a guy, but at the same time, I don't want to be a Grindr or Gay Bar prowler. I want a friend before a boyfriend, and who knows when that'll happen.

  • ITA. You do you :)

  • IDK did that help any?

  • Not OP

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