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Well, i have this good friend that I have known almost two years. A couple months ago i met his wife and kids. His wife and i got along very well and share a lot of interests. Well, couple months later and same thing. But what a sh!++y friend i am. Guess what, i found out she feels the same way. I cant help thinking about her, wishing she was with me and not him. But i cant do this to my friend. But im afraid i could. The more I think about it the more I realize I could. Even though shes married with kids!! I dont know....I feel like shooting myself because it would be easier. Obviously thats not viable though. But maybe I deserve it, what kind of friend am I? Man, why does s*** like this always happen to me.

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  • rofl. wow

  • Dont do it..that will be a double back stab to ur friend...stop being his friend cus it sounds like if u were never anyway...u are beyond a j*** n his wife is a straiht up nasty s***..rot in h*** with her..i know who u are and i am telling him..i hack ur confesion..so get ready for trouble

  • Umm, its probably not who you think it is. Also, how did you "hack" my "confession."

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