I am Transgender

I was born a boy but for all the time I can remember I have wished that I was a girl. I am afraid to tell my family and friends because I live in the deep south and there is very little tolerance and because I am afraid of what they will say. I am 15 and I plan on transitioning during college but plan on never telling my family and just trying to hide myself from them forever. I feel so guilty about my issue and I wonder if I made myself like this. If you are a friend or family member of mine reading this then I will let you know it is me. HINT-Peaches

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  • Yawn...

  • 5 years later. Did you do it. Are you free to be who you are?

  • Being trans is about the hardest thing I can imagine. I'm sorry. I hope you find someone you can talk to. Anyone healthy. Just one understanding person in your life could mean the difference between life and suicide. There are places that are better for you than others though. Not perfect, life will still be hard, but in three years if you can get to any of the major cities on the west coast or a few on the east then you can easily have a better support system.

  • no she's a guy she hasn't gone female yet and peaches just tell your family if they can't support your decision they don't deserve to be related to you although if you don't tell them what's true to you you don't deserve to be related to them i told my dad the truth (that at seven i experimented with homosexuality and he wasn't shocked now my brother wouldn't let me live it down so he doesn't know...)

  • Wait, so do you have like p**** and v***** or you are just boy who wants to be girl?

  • I hav a smal c*** and 2 very small b**** i hav t*** so i dont kno what i am probably a f*** up

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