That guy

Dear handsome guy at the concert, with the long hair,

I couldn't focus on the music, because you filled my head. For an hour and a half I was so conscious of your presence beside me. It turned me on like h***. I could almost feel your skin. I wanted you.
You're a musician- I know it.
Every time a piece ended you turned and smiled at me- a beautiful smile that displayed your perfect teeth. I smiled back every time. It sent a tingle of desire through me. I wanted to say something when it was over. I almost did- I didn't. I waited for you. You left.

I touched myself to the thought of you that night.

Seven months later, a percussion fill-in teacher comes to the school for a week.
I shake hands with him. He's got this gorgeous smile and this beautiful, long curly hair. It's at the tip of my tongue. I met you, I mean, saw you, here before- didn't you go to that concert? Or, Kazakh music is so interesting, there was this concert last december...

The longer I wait, the more ridiculous I feel it would sound.

I never said it.

You disappeared as quickly as you did that day.

And it still kills me to wonder if you remembered me too.

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  • i'm sure there isn't any thing wrong with me (oh the sarcasm) and thank you for pointing out how you really knew he was a musician and i thought you were a student he was subing for the teacher of my bad you know... please forgive me for not understanding... :)

  • so perfect teeth means musician? really? also i'm tormented by the thought of you and someone who was you're substitute prolly old enough to be your dad... (is long hair and "perfect" teeth really a turn on? how bout nice guy with short hair and missing a tooth? birth defect don't hate me... please!)

  • Hm, I knew he was a musician because of the way he was reacting to the music, because of the excitement in his face, his more-than-amateurish drumming on his knees, keeping up with the most intricate meters.
    And he's not old for me- I'm a teacher at the school.
    Nothing against nice guys with short hair and a missing tooth though:)

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