So I'm only twelve. And i just started seventh grade this year. I used to not care about how I looked. Never did my hair never cared about fashion trends. No makeup. Everything was about sports, friends, school, and occasionally boys...but now I've changed. I've become more girly. I'm up to date with fashion trends. Im still not into make up all that much but I do wear mascara regularly. And I have my first boyfriend.
This is all good. Except one thing. Im extremely self conscious. In the beginning of the school year, I was 4 ft 10 inches and weighed 114. Then,during tennis, I screwed up my knee and I had to stay off it for a month. In that month, I gained so much weight and got up to 123 pounds. I didn't realize for a while. Then I checked my weight and I literally started to cry. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw that it was showing that I was gaining weight. So I became kind of depressed about it. I was checking my weight all the time anout 20 times a day and crying if it went up.My dad, being a psychiatrist, talked to me about it. We decided that i had to be healthier. So I started my sports again since my knee was better and I began exercising regularly. By January, I was about to get down to about 112 pounds. I did this by exercising more and keeping my diet to 1200 calories a day. It felt good. But I started to slack off and went to about 116 pounds then I lost again to 113. Now, I am 4ft 11 inches and I weigh about 117-120 pounds. I'm very short compared to all my friends and I'm so fat. My friends tell me I'm not, but I think, you can't really tell with clothes on...but the thing is, summer is coming, and I really want to get down to 100 pounds. My dad tells me it's fine that I'm trying to lose weight, but my friends say I'm becoming too obsessive about...but I'm not as obsessed anymore. But I still want to look good in a bikini ;) lol so I need some advice- I want to lose at least eight pounds in a month and a half. Do you think that's too quick? But I really don't want to get too obsessive over it again.
Oh and for a girl, I have a lot of muscle, I am very involved with sports and I'm steonger than most other girlsespecially in my legs. But I still have a lot of fat around my stomach area and arms and face.

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  • I was in the same place ur at now.....I felt horrible about my weight and my b**** were always bigger than other girls. They could wear stuff I couldnt. It made me feel like a hippo. But I look at it like i have more curves and more body than other girls. Curves are better than a tiny tiny waist

  • It's all apart of growing up. Hormones are ruling your body and mind and they can have everything to do with changing your body and adding weight. So take that into consideration. Definitely don't be a slave to the scale or what your pant size says. Always be happy and confident with who you are, where you are and what you look like..no matter what your age. Or the obsession will rule your life and that can keep you from truly living. Becoming self conscience sort of goes with the territory of being 12. 8 lbs in a month? Well average weight loss is 2 lbs a week - but that may also be for adults. You're still growing and developing. As for the diet, when you're 12 you shouldn't be dieting. You need food to fuel your body. And if you're involved in sports, muscle does weigh more then fat and you probably burn calories much faster then someone who is not so active. Just be healthy, drink water, get enough sleep, stay away from sugary foods, eat more veggies ..all that can help and to help you develop good eating habits and keep you slim. Ab exercises are good too. But most importantly be kind to yourself, nothing too excessive (or obsessive). You probably look great in a bikini just as you are.

  • :) ok thank you. This is the type of answer I was hoping for :P

  • oh yeah and i'm a straight guy i just enjoy being unhealthily underweight

  • i'm sorry your not older also i'm sorry i'm not younger haha anyway's look your twelve right now when you reach 15 you'll shrink so fast you'll think your parent's got a joke mirror (i'd know cause when i was your age i weighed like 97 lbs and dropped to 91 then ate too much and boom 128 the weighted blob of me now at 19 show's up still in the 128-145 area)

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