I Am A Lesbian

I am a 100% lesbian, and i don't know what to tell my parents, my dad doesn't like gay people, and my mom is probably okay with it. But i feel so upset with myself, because i love my BFF, and our relationship is really weird now.

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  • Who cares about what your parents think? I told my mother I was a LESBIAN GAY FAGART and she disowned me. She pointed me towards the bible, and I was like FU, b*****! And we never spoke since. Keep your secret, people who hate gayards will always hate gaydars as my homophobic mother would say.

  • You don't need your families acceptance,inregards to your sexuality.You only think you do,if you're a teenager and going through puberty.Trust me,this won't matter,when you're older.All I can say is,love who you're and aslong as you accept yourself,that's all that matters.
    Don't base your happiness,on other peoples acceptance of your sexuality.Because not everyone,will accept it.That's a fact! Your sexuality,is only a small fraction of you,you're more than your sexuality.You're a person firstly :)

    Also, if your BFF doesn't love and support you,after you told confided in he/she about your sexuality, that person isn't a friend or/and they find it hard to adjust,to knowing this.
    It depends on their personal views and what social environment/home life,they've been influenced by.

  • well i'm sorry i just this year told my conservative christian dad what i did when i was seven (19 now) and got no reaction (my guess is because i broke the law no more than two day's before)... i'm a straight male (go on tell me you think i'm disgusting) and i say if your dad does start ranting about gay people don't tell him but if you get the chance tell your mother let her tell him slowly... not that you'd listen though

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