My wife died suddenly in 2000 in a car accident. I later found out that they had discovered she was pregnant at the time of her death. We found out I was sterile two years after we got married when we were trying to have a baby (we ended up adopting a baby girl months later).
Though I still miss her every single day, that has always hurt me. I tried to be a good husband even though I couldn't give her biological children. I know this happened almost twelve years ago, but I've always wondered what was wrong with me that she'd do that to me.

Aug 1, 2012

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  • It is entirely possible you were not sterile after all.

  • From personal experience I can tell you I was diagnosed as being sterile, we adopted and that marriage ended years later. I remarried 2 years after and within a year my present wife got pregnant, I of course assumed what you have here....not wanting to ruin my new marriage I said nothing but HaD my doubts. I still feel guilty but I secretly had my son DNA tested at 3 different labs and am 100% sure he's mine. I don't know if it helps ( knowing its possible that was your child) but its def possible your wife didn't cheat on you. I've known 2 other men and a woman in our group that hAve had the same experience.

  • she wanted a baby a****** were a failure but she accepted what you could give her, which was not enough..jeez, she is only human!

  • Not anymore, she isn't.

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