I feel bad

I let this guy friend of mine who had a crush on me for years finally kiss me once at a party.I put my doubts aside and decided to give him a chance. He said I was a good kisser and seemed to be really happy I was with him. Problem is, he was the worst kisser ever. Didn't do a thing for me, and afterward, I just kind of, ignored him knowing that i had just made a huge mistake. But He followed me around for weeks afterward asking me if I wanted to hang out again but i just kept making excuses to him. He obviously felt bad but I think he would have felt worse if I told him that his kiss was AWFUL. (he is a very proud person) To this day, he still has no idea why I grew distant so quickly.

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  • What a selfish little b****! Only a self concerned little tramp would not communicate with someone. It's s**** like You that give girls a bad name! You suck corn!!!!

  • Well it is a pretty hard situation but to really figure things out you need to consider some other things. Do you like him for he is it's not always about the kissing he may treat you like a princess and make you happy in other ways. I would say give him a chance

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