My sister's friend 'Sarah'

This one time, my sister was going out with one of her friends. My sister's name is Jessica and her friends name is Sarah. They were both 18 at the time. Our parents were in Spain for a 5 day holiday break. Me andy sister were old enough to look after ourselves.

So they wen't out to get drunk like normal. At about 1 o'clock in the morning my sister came in laughing and wen't to her room after saying bye to Sarah. About a minute later, there was a knock on the door. My sister didn't get up and answer so I left it. Another knock came, and I could tell it was Sarah by her voice. She was calling for Jessica. I wen't and opened the door.

She said 'I don't know the way back to her house. And asked where Jessica was. I said she has passed out. Sarah then asked could she come in. I thought I better say yes considering it was late. I let her in and she wen't and opened the first door, my door.

In seconds she collapsed onto my bed, in a bending over position. Legs on the floor and stomach and above on my bed. She was wearing a black top and a very short black skirt. I could just about see her bright pink panties. So much started to go through my mind. I closed my door.

I pulled my boxers down and then I rapidly pulled ger skirt down. She didn't move. I then tore her panties off, she then raised her head. We looked at each other and she then said to carry on. I took her and my top off. I then and put my 8inch c*** into her p****. She was in shock.

I f***** for minutes while she smiled with pleasure. She shouted 'stop!' so I did. She got off my bed the kneeled down and sucked my c***. In seconds I cummed all over face. She smiled at me again.

I then laid on my bed with her, hoping she wouldn't remember this and tell my sister. I woke up and Sarah was gone. I opened my door, wen't into the lounge and asked my sister 'where is Sarah?' She replied 'she got a taxi about half an hour ago.'

I don't if Sarah remembers anything but I certainly do. I hope this happens again soon.

May 13, 2012

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  • thiis is why h*** was made, for you people.....

  • ... and you are confessing what?
    Find somewhere else to brag and tell your insipid lies.

  • Oh, dear, all you guys can think is about s**...

  • Wait... You come to a confessions website and go into the "s**" section and you are surprised that people are talking about s**?

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