I met the most perfect woman, but...

I met the most perfect women. She is everything I have ever wanted. Young, independent, beautiful, smart, petite, sexy, exotic, considerate, kind, and always smiles.

She always wears high heels and loves to wear them. She says they are more comfortableto her. She always wears skirts, and tight skirts for dates with me. She is the most feminine women I ever met.

She is well educated. She has a very big heart, and works for a charity for kids.

She goes about her days buzzing around in her high heels, happily taking care of her business.

She adores me, loves me for who I am. She listens to me, wants to know how my day went. I love to hear her voice, and be near her. She adores me, wants me, desires me. I would do anything this women wants, but she wants nothing from me, except my love. Her private area is always shaven and is perfect. She is the sweetest tasting women I have ever had.

She insists on going dutch, and always wants to pay, even though she does not make no wear near as much money as me. I do not allow it, it is the one of two things we argue over, the other being that she should not be with me.

I am 16 years older then her. She says she likes my wrinkles. She says she loves my mind. It was as if god himself picked an angel to send down from heaven, just for me.


I am married with kids. My kids adore me and I adore them. I am a good father. I listen to them, play with them want to spend time with them. It would break my heart not to see them everyday.

My wife has not had s** with me for 9 months. Before that 6 months. Every opertunity she was not feeling, well, too tired, and has, a headache.These issues would come up even before we got home from a night out. I suspect she was cheating on me. I treated her good, and would take a bullet for her. We went to counciling. When they agreed with me she wanted another doctor. It is not me. I work hard, earn very good money.

I gave up every hobby to spend time with her or save money, that she spends into excessive debt. Every chance she had she would belittle me. Put me down, how I was worthless. I help out around the house all the time, but she would just nit-pic my my house work. This women has been shredding my ego for years, tearing down everything I was, and what I could have been. Destroying my confidence. At work, I am the go to guy and have no confidence issues. It is only with my wife.

So that is were I am at. I will wait until my youngest child is in their late teens, before I divorce. I will do anything for my kids, even sacrifice my happiness and needs. I pretend and talk nice to my wife in front of the kids. She does the same most of the time but will sometimes lash out.
I walk away when she tries to argue, hold my tongue and ignore her jibes. And when the kids go to bed, I go to the sofa, she our bed.

How did this happen to me? I am a good lover in bed. I always put her needs first.

You young guys out there, do not get married until you are 45. You have no clock, you can still have kids at 80 if you wanted. Have them with a 30 year old when your 45. Don't fall for it. Play the field. Think with the head on your shoulders, and not your other head, and your other head will get more in the long run.

I regret that I can not spend the next 5 years of my life with my true love, that I will have to wait a 1/2 decade. My true love understands this and respects this. She wants children when she is 35. I will give her children.

I know its wrong, and am not looking for validation. I have heard the mid life crisis thing. I have argued with my girlfriend she should be with someone closer to her age, and I would understand if she left me. She chooses to stay, and no one is more shocked then me. I fully understand if she left, and would expect it. She has already given more to me then I ever thought possible and changed me forever, and has restored me to who I really am.

I would hope my story would prevent this from happening to someone else. So when you b**** women out there say I am the one who is no good for cheating on my wife, FU.


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  • Its crazy how similar this situation is to mine. The Only differences are that my "Other woman" is close to my age and my kids are all still in diapers.

    Guess this is where I'm headed when I get to my 40's.

    Sucks because my whole life I tried to be the nice guy. Tried to accept her for all her faults, even to the point where I was known as the "whipped guy" to all my friends.

    Wish I could go back and tell the younger version of myself that those are not her faults and they are incompatibilities.

    Guess its only a matter of time before the "other woman" and I take this to the next level.

    Getting old sucks.

  • 16 years younger poster, it seems we are in a similar situation. Keep a smile on your face for your kids. Do not bad mouth your husband. I constantly remind my future x wife not to bad mouth in front of the children, that she can say anything when they are not around. She has given up trying to get me angry for the most part, because I do not respond to it. I take 10 breaths, relax, smile and say ok. I still help around the house, I still do everything with the kids.
    I hope your boyfriend understands, but you have to be prepared to let him go. Do not depend not depend on anyone to make you happy except yourself. The reason I am happy is because I was reminded I am worth something, after years of being told I was not (in my personal life, not my job)

  • I understand you completely. I am in the same situation you are. In my case the I'm 16 years younger than him. I love him more than anything but I can't leave my children with out both parents. In a way I'm also sacrifing my happiness for them. I'm not sure if he will wait for me and for now Im enjoing every minute I spend with him. People here may judge all they want until it happens to them. It sounds easy for other to say "just leave" "get a divorce" but is not. I'm sure the children will understand when they are older why I stay with their father and you staying with your wife.

  • Thanks for understanding poster. My girlfriend has a generous heart, it is the nature of the work she does, but stays positive through it all. She would adapt my kids. I married to soon was my issue. It was never really about the s**, but the feeling of being treated like the person I am. I just want to warn other men, that they should not give up who they are for anyone. I should have never given up my hobbies, I should never given up my dreams, or given up who I was. A person you marry should compliment you. I was being used as a doormat. The same thing existed in my wives parents home. They coexisted. I do not speak poorly of their mother, I tell them to listen to her. I am not cheating because she did. I forgave her in counciling sessions, like your supposed to. The signs were there when i was younger that we were not right for each other, but I was not thinking with my head.

    My kids need both parents to get through the teen years ahead. They may be resentful when I leave, but at least I will give them a fighting chance to grow up with 2 parants, and not put them through a divorce.

  • I have been seeing this girl for 2 months. We have had s** on many occasions. I am not here to be told I am a cheater and i have no self esteem, and I have no b****. I was getting enough of that from my wife.My kids do not see me argue with her. I am actually quite happy since I found my gurl friend. The only thing that disappoints me is I can not share my entire life with her, including my kids for awhile. I am forced to sleep on the coach, because my wife invites them into our bed every night. I made my choice. I will play along. I am not here to amuse you fat American cows who troll secret postings and people you do not know. I am here to help those guys out there so this does not happen to them.

  • I can't judge you, this is a pretty story in a way, I'm glad you have someone who you love and loves you back, such a wonderful woman that respects you and keeps on supporting you.

    The cheating, though, is not justified (even if your own wife did it before). I'm so sorry it had come to this with your wife, if sounds like you are nonetheless a good man (all of it, not only for the s** part). Everyone deserves to be happy. Maybe you are using your children as excuse, maybe not, I'm almost certain you feel you are doing the right thing and, I insist, I'm no one to judge if it's right or wrong.

    Besides, would this wonderful girl adopt your children or is this why you are waiting them to grow up? Sounds prudent to wait, yes, 5 years are worth the rest of your life with her but... all this waiting time would be a lie for your children, in a way. A masquerade. You might seem a traitor wanting to start another family. I do not know if that's worse.

    Whatever the result, I really hope you all find Peace and Happiness.

  • Sounds to me like a pair of b**** needs to be grown. Using your kids as an excuse doesn't cut it with me. If you and your wife are miserable and arguing think about what this is doing to your kids. Grow some b****, make a choice and live with it.

  • How dare you! Your the cheater, you already f***** this other girl in your mind and said shes perfect for you? Think she'll be wearing high heels all day when shes pregnant and a stepmom to two teenagers? Haha you silly old man, you j*** your meat and start working on your marriage it's a two way street. You sleeping on the couch ( which is your choice!) isn't getting you laid. Ps your being a terrible father by your children seeing you miserable!! You sound like you don't have Any self esteem ( which is your responsibility not your wifes ) your a grown man! I can see why shes not jumping to f*** you I wouldn't either.

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