I feel guilty

I was just 17 when i first slept with my girfriend..
I am from India and here premarital s** is a taboo..
She trusted me on this and we made love..
But i broke up with her after few months..
This totally devastated her..
She was in depression for months and still doesn't socialize with anyone..
I feel guilty that i ruined her life..completely shattered all her dreams..
Want to penance for it, but don't know how.

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  • yar, ap indian ho k esa kam ..... i'm paki ma samajhty thy sarey paki esey hain lekin muja indians ka nhi pta tha.
    khair i hav read novels lyk this and now i m reading something real ....lol
    agr apko wo achi lgty ha to ap dobara makeup ker lo

  • dude u should feel good tht u gotta f*** some1 at 17 !! and the gal will get some 1

  • Seriously, cut your d*** its d only thing u can do

  • Cut ur d*** dude

  • This social taboos only make people suffer more than they need, there's nothing wrong with having premarital s** if it is done responsibly (preventing pregnancy and diseases, etc.), and (on my opinion) especially if it was done with love.

    You knew that breaking up was a risk you both had, being so young. Don't let her carry the burden alone. Why don't you try talking to her and giving her comfort? As a friend. Give her peace. Help her.

  • I tried to go back to her, but she doesn't want me back.
    I Literally begged her to accept me, but she said no.
    she doesn't even want to stay friends with me

  • You BOTH made a choice, you BOTH have to live with it.

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