It's not me!

I have had, for a very long time, a secret desire to have s** with a young teen girl. I dont want these thoughts. they just come unbidden, like they arent my thoughts. i have even watched child p*** a few times, and enjoyed it a couple. i feel so nasty and disgusting. i hate that part of me. in reality its NOT me. am i inherently evil? i have given it to God ad it seems to help some. but i still catch myself looking at girls in public. i do not want this at all. so. any advice? or ideas? and im too afraid to go to counseling for fear of them locking me away or something.

the worst part.....sometimes i like the thought of having this secret fantasy come true.

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  • You're a normal person, most normal people have fantasies I used to have fantasies also but to tell you the truth I don't have those fantasies anymore I don't really know why they stopped but I think it's maybe because my fantasies have come true.

    If I were you I'd be suspisious of the people who say it's not normal, it may not be normal for the way they were brought up to believe, but thats them not you or I and don't listen to negative comments that put you down and make you think bad about yourself because that's what they want you to think so that you well conform to their way of thinking, it's nothing more then plain old bullying, I always say never believe in someone if they haven't experienced it themselves....
    However if it really is distressful for you to feel or think like this then you should find some help!

  • You are NOT normal. It is NOT normal to feel that way. You should seek help while this is a fantasy. They will nit lock you up for having fantasies. They WILL lock you up if you touch a young girl. Please get some help NOW. Or you might spend the rest of your life on jail

  • I'm 27.

  • just try to accept it. it's really the best you can do. you're just human.just like everybody else. you feel things like that, you think of things like that. trust me everybody thinks things like that, you're just braver to admit it. there's nothing so wrong about it.i'm a 15 y/o girl and i do think like that, i do feel things like that. mom said its normal

  • kill yourself

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