I lie. A lot. And it comes so naturally. I've been lying about who I am ever since I was 14. I lied about me coming from a rich family, I bragged about things that did not happen. I wanted to be special, to be accepted; to be above your average joe. I wanted to befriend people who are "better".

And by lying about my family background, my past experiences, it made me feel..well, better about myself. I'm not good at anything, but a jack of all trades.

I am now 19, but lying about these things has just been so natural to me that I can't even stop myself anymore at times. I want people to have good lasting impressions on me, I want people to think of me as..well, perfect, more or less. I want approval. Somehow, by being the "real" me, with my average lifestyle, average everything, I don't feel confident at all.

I don't know if all this makes any sense at all, but yeah. I haven't told a single soul about this before, because I'm afraid that they might judge me. I'm sorry for being a liar all this time, I'm sorry for deceiving everybody around me about who I am.

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  • S*** you probebly lyin right now

  • I'm the OP, thank you for the helpful comments, all of you. :) I'm already trying to change my ways and finally the truthful about everything..I just hope that I'll be able to continue being honest. Thanks for reading. <3

  • I wish you good luck! Don't forget that we all make mistakes, do not be h****** yourself. If you do something bad, like all humans do from time to time, don't hate yourself for it. I'm not saying you will inevitably do something bad, but if it happens that you do, let it go.

  • Hey guys shut the h*** up and don't judge. Listen OP, your lies never hurt anybody, it's not like you killed someone with your lies. You just told lies, because you are insecure. I think you should realize that lies or no lies, it doesn't matter as long as you are a good person. Maybe you lie because you have social anxiety. Don't let the other comments bother you, they are just judging you. Everybody lies, don't forget that. Just be a good person and learn a lot, you can learn about Earth and look at the stars, that calms me down. And maybe what you did will not bother you that much anymore.

  • Hey,lying is wrong, that's why you feel crappy about it. Mainly because you are betraying the people that are trusting you and you are betraying yourself. Stopping a habit like this is tough. It takes persistence. You'll fail and tell another lie, but you have to keep moving in the right direction. You'll be better before you know it.

    If you feel like people are better than you or that you're worthless then do something about it. Everyone needs to be good at something. Be realistic and set a goal. Work on being good at something. Learn to play the guitar, start creative writing, start running. You'll be lousy at first. Who cares. Redirect your energy into your new goal. You're not doing this so that other people will like you. You're doing it for yourself.

    The truth is that it's pretty easy to tell when someone is lying all the time, so your friends probably already know what going on with you. When you're ready, go to one of your friends and ask for forgiveness. Your world will begin to turn around. That friend may not forgive you. Take it like a man/woman. Keep moving in the right direction. People care about you. God cares about you. That's why he sent me to tell you this stuff. You Rock!

  • Ever heard of 'Karma'? She's a b**** and she will get you.

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