Need help breaking up with girlfriend

I've been I a relationship with my girlfriend since January she has stated to have major trust issues with me yet I've done nothing to deserve this and I have not grown any romantic feelings for her at all I want to end our relationship but because of our work schedules we only have time to meet on her lunch break since she works night shift 6 days a week. And I work normal day hours.
I know letting her go on her lunch when she has to go back to work would ruin the rest of her work day so what should I do?
Part of me says the only way I can get myself to do it is on messenger or ill never be able to do it in person.
I'm very nervous about doing this and don't know what to say to her she always asks if I'm gonna leave her for some prettier a few weeks ago I got to travel for the dealership i work for to train people at another location we own a few hours away from home for 3 days wich was a awesome sighn from my district manager that I'm good at my job but when I was up there she asked if I took someone to my hotel when work let me travel for bussiness wich should of been a moment of happiness for my career.
She has a problem with me having a female manager who I will eventually share a private office with when I get promoted Into management yet my manger is 15 years older then me there is a car show in our town next month my gf and I were gonna go to but now she can't beccause of her work so she made me promise to cruise alone and not let anyone ride with me including my manger who was gonna be there with her own family who I promised to take for a few laps so her toddler could get to ride a few laps in this cruise she even asked me if i was the one who called her job anonymously to get her fired for something big she did at another job wich really upset me she also asks me all the time if I have feelings for a co worker on my fb page because she's jelous of how she looks. The one time we had plans to go eat at a restaurant she canceled last minute saying her mom said it was not safe to eat out and told her to not do it yet she's a grown ** 24 yr old woman (I'm 27) I'm over what to me has become a controlling and toxic relationship
Am I wrong thinking she sounds controlling? How bad would it be to let her know I'm done over messenger since that's how we always talk when not in person?
We have not slept together

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  • Be honest with yourself and then you will be honest with her!!

  • Grow a pair you wimp and ditch the b itch.

  • Text her, "_________, we can't be together anymore. The feelings you have for me aren't mutual. I need to take time to improve myself. "

    Rip the bandaid off. Reading this made me think of a friend I had. We was with this ** just because he wanted to be with someone, and he was miserable because of it.

    I went on a walk with him and said that he is not the person he used to be and that he needs to leave her so he can be happy because I care about him.

    He is now taking time away from dating to self-improve and is doing better than ever.

  • Yea usually I know texts are bad but I think it's the only way I will be able to do it

  • Ditch her the way I ditched a bird recently.
    Just tell her "Sorry love, but you're too fat." She'll dump you on the spot.
    Job done.

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