I guess i'm shallow

Okay so i went on this blind date last weekend. we went to dinner and had fun and had many drinks and then went back to her place. she gave up the hat trick of first-date s**: oral,vaginal and a***. so i got up in the night to use her bathroom and when i got back to bed i look over and see her thick blond hair laying on her dresser. and i see that her actual hair is short and thin and brown and ugly. i picked up my clothes from the floor real quiet so i wouldnt wake her up and dressed in the kitchen and left out the back right away. i wont call her again to date even tho i told her i would because i hate the wig and i hate that she didnt tell me she wore a wig. i mean the s** was great (especialy the a***: she is like just a total total frrreeeeak) but i cant take that hair. its not like cancer hair or anything and shes not sick but her real hair just looks horrible. yeccch.

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  • Admittedly, she did decieve you, but you shouldn’t judge a girl on her looks, especially not her hair!

    Hair grows, hair can be styled.

  • Wow you're a d***.

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