I am a crossdresser from Lakeland Florida I just back from a hair salon where I just bought my second wig and I love it. The lady that owns and runs the salon is a beautiful person I ask her what she thought about me being a crossdresser and she said dose it make you happy and bring you joy I said very much so she then rock on baby I told I would be coming back I just love being a crossdresser and trying new hair color a style hope all my fellow crossdresser can find a hair salon that is as friendly as I did



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  • Hello Cassie what are you wearing today sweetie?

  • Hello Cassie sweetie. I am sitting here at my computer in silky ladies vintage nylon nightwear masturbating under my white silk French knickers, I have such a h****** thinking about you. Please oh! please tell me what you are wearing.

  • As a kid I liked to cross dress. Play dressups with a box of play clothes.

    You know when I read cross dress stories they all seem to be along the lines of a boy dresses as a girl and gets caught by mom who then punishes them by making them dress as a girl. wtf. How unrealistic is that? I can imagine a mom hiding the clothes. I can imagine macho dad punishing kid by making them do boxing or some manly sport. but punishing by making them dress as a girl. Really?

    My mom was pretty easy going. When I was a pre teen she found a pair of tights that I had been wearing to bed and also under my jeans. They were pretty thread bare. She bought me a new pair. We talked about girls clothes and for a while I used to sleep in a girls nightie. Even at that young age though I knew it was something to keep secret in the house.

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